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Higher Altitude, Cooler Summer
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    Tourism is currently at its peak during the summer vocation. While China's famous scenic views are welcoming tons of tourists, some quiet villages, suited high in the mountains, are awaiting the tourists who can really appreciate them. Here are four villages, especially for those who want to have a cool summer in an ancient and quiet way.

    Xinduqiao Town: "Photo Paradise" at 3000 meters high

    Xinduqiao Town is located along the southern line of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The Tibetan-style architecture of the town features wide yards with white walls, red gate and stone houses. The windowsills of the houses are decorated by auspicious figures with red, black, and white colors. If tourists come for a visit, the friendly Tibetans serve buttered tea and let them take pictures freely.

    While Beijing is enduring the hot, humid summer, Xinduqiao Town enjoys a cool summer with fresh breeze and meadows dotted by groups of yaks and goats. Summer here reminds one of an idyllic ancient picture.

    Transportation: It is 437 km away from Chengdu, the capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province. There is a coach bus to the town every morning. As the road conditions are poor, the drive takes 3.5 hours.

    Accommodation: The best hotel in Xinduqiao Town is Xinkangzhu Hotel and the price is about 100 yuan per night.

    Tunlitun Village: experience the unique life style of the black-cloth Zhuang nationality

    Tuanlituan Village is in the southwest of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Black-cloth Zhuang, the smallest branch of Zhuang nationality, dwell in the high Baiyun (White Cloud) Mountain. They view black as beauty and black has long been its ethnic color. Because of the isolation of the village, the lifestyles are still reminiscent of ancient times. Anthropologists even treat Black-cloth Zhuang as the "living fossil" of Zhuang nationality. Because this ancient culture is so well-preserved, there are many activities allowing tourists to learn and experience this ancient life style.

    Once entering the well-known national customs park, the cool, natural breeze instantly relaxes visitors.

    Transportation: Tunlitun Village is 405 km away from Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi Province. It is convenient to take the regular coach bus from Nanning to Napo County, where Tunlitun Village is located.

    Accommodation: There are many clean and tidy family hotels in Tunlitun Village, with stores and small bars nearby.

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