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Kiss Your Way to a Memorable Valentine's Day
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    Chinese Valentine's Day is almost upon us, on Monday week (August 16) to be precise. If you are tired of chocolates and romantic dinners, why not consider doing something a little more crazy with your lover? The more adventurous among you might pluck up the courage and take part in this year's "kissing contest", with the winning couple to be awarded "Most Romantic Kiss of Huashan" and 3,000RMB in cash.

    The fifth kissing contest will be held next weekend (August 14 and 15) on Huaying Mountain in southwest China's Sichuan Province. Competitors consist of hundreds of couples that have taken part in such activities throughout the country in recent years, including many foreign tourists.

    The event always attracts a sizeable and enthusiastic crowd. It takes far more than a single impressive smooch to win over the judges. Marks are also awarded for impressive hand movements, imaginative body positions and sufficient energy to maintain their standards throughout the contest. Spectators most thrill to visually appealing performances. Sure, there's room for traditional hugging and kissing but also popular are competitors who strike up peculiar poses, hurl themselves around like flying swallows or create contortions like circus acrobats. How can anyone keep quiet when faced with such feats of passionate perfection?


    How to get there: Huaying Mountain is more than 100 km from Chongqing. Then it's only a one-hour bus ride to Guang'an.

    Accommodation: There are several pleasant hotels, costing on average 100-200 yuan per night.

    Delicacy: Special romantic dinners will be available for lovers participating in the contest.

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