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Where to Enjoy a Luxurious Swim in Beijing
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    1. Legendale Hotel

    The pool is a new area of the hotel. From the changing rooms to the garden, everything is decorated in a European-noble style. After putting clothes into turquoise lockers outlined with gold, you can enter the swimming area, which has paintings on the side-walls and an European statuary beside it. The hotel also provides a pool-side bar, which has couches for people to relax in and even a big LCD-TV set. Through the French windows, you can feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery of the garden. There are two water-cleaning systems, one on the surface and one underwater, to make sure the water always stays ultra-clean.

    Pool Standard: 8脳25 meters

    Temperature: 28 degree centigrade (water), 29 degree centigrade (room)

    Costs: 400 yuan once and 13,000 yuan for a year

    Opening hours: 6.30a.m. 鈥?23.00 p.m.

    Parking: Free (outside), 15/hour (underground parking)

    Add: 90-92 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District Beijing

    Tel: +86 10 8511 3388

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