`Hotpot and Harbin beer; Can be found anywhere in Harbin.

`Assorted Meats on a Stick . Sold on every street, try asking for grilled bread buns, its really good. Finish `everything off with a egg and tomato Gada Tang (soup). No more than 锟?0 for 6-7 kabobs and soup.

`Harbin Smoked Sausage . A treat only known to Harbin, you see stores selling it everywhere, it is really `good.

`Russian Breads. Lots of Bread and pastry stores around the city, including Zhongyang Dajie.

`Haws. Hawthorn fruit stacked on sticks and served covered with a sweet sauce.

`Lamb. Lamb with spices grilled over coals served with sesame flat bread from the nice Uighur guys (from Xinjiang province) on a street between Hong Bo Shopping Center and Guogeli Dajie. 锟? will buy you a good meal.

`Harbin Spring Rolls . A tasty wrap of potato strips, cucumber, sausage and egg all with a spicy sauce. Sold on the street or in most markets (even Walmart). If you want a real spring roll experience go to Lao Changs on Zhongyang Dajie (mentioned below). 锟?-5.



Dragon Tower Revolving Restaurant
150RMB/Person. Dragon Tower is 336-meter high.


It is an OK western restaurant, not as good as you think and not so bad. Locates at 12 Xidazhijie right off of Hongbo Square


Sushi Japanese Food
Genuine Japanese cusine. Nice atmosphere. 458 Hanshui Lu


You can choose any of their branch at 20 Huapu Street.


Just because Harbin is below freezing a good amount of the year, doesn't mean it's devoid of a nightlife. In fact, Harbin is one of the more "rowdier" cities in China. Just don't expect Shanghai or even Beijing "quality" establishments. Most places in Harbin have puke stains on the toilets that are months old. With a good amount of foreigners living in the city studying and working, the weekends are always bustling around 2-3 locations such as Blues, The Box, Pacers, or the small bars around the Universities. Dongbei people are reqing or very lively and seem to drink with almost every meal! Often times at restaurants you'll see drunk men singing away and then lighting up their cigarettes to signal the night is coming to an end. And of course what would be better than to spend the wee hours of the night singing away to the tune of Titanic and Michael Jackson at one of the KTV's that can be found at almost every street corner!

In Harbin, people often start off the night at a cheap shaokao or Hotpot restaurant washed down with 锟?.5 bottles of Hapi. After a long dinner its usually to one of Harbin's clubs or bars to spend the rest of the night. If you are not a fan of the drinking scene, Harbin may not be for you as there isn't much else to do. That being said, there are dozens of small bars and a few cafes, so if you are not one for dancing and loud discos there are plenty of options.

Some non-drinking activities include bowling, pool, or visiting a tea house.

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