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Zhang Ziyi Serves as AIDS Prevention Ambassador
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    Actress Zhang Ziyi attends an event as the new image ambassador for the China Red Ribbon Foundation in Beijing on Sunday, August 8, 2010. [Photo:]

    Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has been named image ambassador by the China Red Ribbon Foundation (CRRF), an organization working to prevent HIV/AIDS, reports.

    The actress appeared Sunday (August 8) with 100 AIDS orphans at an event in Beijing to help launch a summer camp co-organized by CRRF for the children.

    The children came from Sichuan and Henan provinces.

    Zhang has recently finished shooting her role in Gu Changwei's new film "A Tale of Magic", about an HIV-impacted village.

    "I am honored to be involved in this campaign for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, and thanks to the movie 'A Tale of Magic', I had the chance to get to know AIDS patients," Zhang was quoted as saying.

    She also shared a story of an HIV-infected boy, who is also an actor in "A Tale of Magic" and gradually became optimistic during the filming process. Zhang said she was happy to see the child's changes which made her believe in the importance of helping people affected by HIV/AIDS.

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