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"Close to You" Premieres in Taipei
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    Main cast members of the film [Photo:]

    Amber Kuo, Eddie Peng, A Xin, Ming Dow and Yuan Xinyu (from left to right) [Photo:]

    Romantic film "Close to You" premiered in Taipei on Wednesday and co-stars Ming Dow, Eddie Peng, Amber Kuo and Yuan Xinyu all attended the ceremony, reports.

    Hoping to make it the most popular film on Chinese Valentine's Day (July 7th on the lunar calendar), the four main cast members have made several public promotional appearances, this being their last.

    Apart from the young performers, 92-year-old actor Wang Jue attended the ceremony. He plays the grandfather of Eddie Peng in the film.

    A Xin, the lead singer of renowned Taiwan pop band Mayday, also appeared to support the film, in which he plays a music judge.

    The film is set to be screened nationwide on August 13.

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