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S.H.E Member to Release Solo Album
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    Singer Hebe Tian shoots photos for her first solo album "To Hebe". [Photo:]

    Fans of Taiwan pop trio S.H.E will soon have a new album to cherish. They won't hear from Selina and Ella though. This time it's just Hebe.

    Hebe Tian's first solo album, "To Hebe" will be released on September 3, reports.

    The first single "Love!", a simple ballad dwelling on love and happiness, has been released online.

    Sources close to the singer say she wanted to try something different from S.H.E's music, but is not planning to leave the group.

    S.H.E, which was named after its members Selina Ren, Hebe Tian and Ella Chen, was formed in 2001 and quickly became a highly influential group among Mandopop audiences. S.H.E released its 12th album, "SHERO", in March this year.

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