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The Exhibition Scale of the 13th Harbin Fair
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    The Exhibition Scale of the 13th Harbin Fair
      Countries and regions attending the fair   81
      Number of foreign businessmen   6080
      Number of indoor booths   1000
      Outdoor exhibition area   3500 square meters
      Number of enterprises attending the fair   1430
      Number of domestic provinces and cities   attending the fair   25
    Volume of Business of the 13th Harbin Fair
      Contract value of foreign trade   3,010 million US dollars
      Contracts for external project contracting   and labor service   Signed 62 contracts and the amount   reached to 210 million US dollars
      Contracts for utilizing foreign capital   Signed 2200 contracts and introduced   foreign capital of 1,330 million US dollars.
      Domestic trade and economic &   technological cooperation   18,190 million Yuan
    Picture of the 13th Harbin Fair   June 15th,2002- June 21st,2002

    Brief Introduction of the 13th China Harbin Fair

    The 13th Harbin Fair was held under the new situation that China has become an official member of WTO, both China and Russia government has attached importance to the fair. Commissioner of State Wu Yi, Vice Premier Hollisginque of Russian government, and Russia Presidential Representative to Far East Federal Region Prekovski have attended the opening ceremony and paid the inspection tour to the exhibition hall. Wu Yi said that China Harbin Fair had become an ideal medium for economic cooperation among China and Russia as well as the neighboring countries, and had made great contributions to the prosperity and development of Northeast Asia. Hollisjinque said, the fact that delegations led by Russian government showed that China Harbin Fair had played an important role on the promotion of economic cooperation between two countries.

    "To face mainly to CIS and east European countries and in the mean time to open to the world" is still the feature of 13th Harbin Fair. 6080 businessmen from 81 countries and regions including Japan, Germany and Italy have attended the fair. The number of participating countries has increased tremendously, 23 over last session.

    On the 13th China Harbin Fair, the total contract value on import & export reached US$3.01 billion. Transactions included 62 project contracts and labor cooperation agreements with contractual value of US$210 million, 200 agreements on utilizing foreign investment inducing foreign investment of US$1.33 billion, domestic trade and economic cooperation with contractual value of RMB18.1 billion.

    The 13th China Harbin Fair attracted the great attention from the media around the world. 585 journalists from 108 presses came to the fair and worked on the spot. More than 20 news agencies had made live report about the 13th Harbin fair, including Xinhua News Agency, People涔玸 Daily, Economic Daily, CCTV, China News Service, Int'l Business Review, Russia Tass Agency, HK Wenhui, Phoenix TV as well as Taiwan United Agency.

    Main Transactions:

    1. The Delegation of Hailun City signed the contracts with Canada Huihai Foreign Investment Group, and the contractual l value is 130 million. Heilongjiang Beiguo Wine Co. Ltd signed contract on project of potato processing, and the contractual value is 48 million.

    2. The delegation of Raohe County and Russian Zezov Co. signed contracts on exporting vegetable with contractual value of 2.8 million. Raohe Chengda Trading Co. and Russian Slelidor Co. signed contracts on the fine rice with contractual value is RMB36 million for 1.8 tons.

    3. The delegation of Jiamusi City signed the contracts with Harbarovsk on exporting the rice and vegetable with the contractual value of RMB50 million, and the contractual value of sales contract on white melon drinks with Hong Kong Chengxing Trade Co. is RMB500 million for 50 thousand tons.

    4. Harbin Lvse Industrial Co. Ltd signed the contract with the exhibitors from Fujikura, Japan on supply of the frozen wild vegetable and the frozen dumpling with wild vegetable filling with the contractual value of 51.8 million.

    5. Daxing Anling Beiqishen Organic Industry Group signed the contract with Malaysian Liuyi Global Co. Ltd on sales of "Beiqi Magic Tea" with the contractual value of RMB 17 million. The contractual value of the project on 涔?Ecological Agricultural Base" with German Weibo Natural Products Co. is RMB 32 million, and the sales contract with Korean Daochuan Co. Ltd on "potato flour" is RMB 2 million, and the sales contract with Japan Watanabe Co. Ltd on "Bean vermicelli " is RMB 700 thousand.
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