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The Exhibition Scale of the 9th Harbin Fair
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    The Exhibition Scale of the 9th Harbin Fair
      Countries and region attending the fair   50
      Number of foreign businessmen   5500
      Number of enterprises attending the fair   1036 (increase by 1 time than last   session)
      Number of domestic provinces and cities   attending the fair   24 (including 15 trading delegations)
      Number of indoor booths   980
      Outdoor exhibition area   3500 square meters ( 3 exhibition halls)
    Volume of Business of the 9th Harbin Fair
      Total volume of business   4,539 million US dollars
      Contract value of foreign trade   2,393 million US dollars
    Picture of the 9th Harbin Fair   June 15th, 1998- June 21st,1998

    Brief Introduction of the 9th China Harbin Fair

    The 9th China Harbin Fair was held from 15th to 21st of June in 1998. The settled contract of foreign trade valued up to $ 4.539 billion, 34% increased over the last fair. Among this, $2.392 billion for foreign trade, 30% increased than last session; $ 1.18 billion for the contracts of foreign economic & technological cooperation, 220% of last session; $ 0.966 billion of foreign investment, 19% increased. In the course of the fair, 352 projects of domestic trade and economic cooperation were signed, with value of 5.03 billion Yuan; 4.4 billion Yuan valued contracts of domestic trade were conducted; 491 enterprises signed the agreements and intention letter of property transaction at the fair.

    The 9th China Harbin Fair mainly faced CIS as well as the east European countries. Meanwhile, the further invitation and promotion also were enhanced to the surrounding countries and regions.

    5500 exhibitors from over 50 countries and regions attended the fair; 15 trading delegations from 24 domestic province and cities, or 1036 enterprises took part in the fair. Moreover, 550 journalists from 108 news agencies both home and abroad reported the 9thHarbin fair and about 2600 news were released.

    During the fair, Harbin Delegation concluded the trade contract of import and export valued up to $ 0.375 billion, increased by 2.74%, in which includes $ 0.265 billion for exportation and $0.11 billion for importation; 55 projects of foreign investment were signed with volume of $ 0.355 billion, increased by 49.3%; Agreement of foreign investment valued up to $ 0.193 billion, 10.3% increased; 9 projects of foreign engineering contract and labor service with value of $ 0.181 billion were conducted, 7.1% increased of last year.

    Main Concluded Contracts

    1.The joint venture agreement signed between Harbin Rubber Plant and Qingdao Double-Star Group, the estimated sale income is 80,000,000 Yuan, the increased profit tax is 6,400,000 Yuan.

    2. The contract of the economic cooperation signed for the iron ore mining of the Tumurtai between the Heilongjiang International Corporation for Economic and Technological Cooperation and the Mongolian Balitu Co. Ltd. The contract valued for $72,000,000.

    3. The cooperative project for the modernization and mechanization of farm among the Heji Huangpu (China) Co. Ltd., Heilongjiang Shennong Agricultural Incubation Center and the Qiqihar Songliao Head Office of Integration of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. The total investment is 0.15 billion Yuan.

    4. The trade contract for importation of the timber and boric acid and etc. between the Transformer Plan in Russian Bilobizhan Jewry Autonomous State and the Tongjiang Frontier Company of Economic and Trade. The contracted value is $9.08 million.

    5. The $9.28 million valued trade contract signed by the Heihe Developing Company of Economic and Technology and the USSUSTA Company Ltd. in Amuer State of Russia.

    6. The trade contract with value of $3,400,000 signed by the Suifenhe Trading Company and the PULIMUSVIK small-sized enterprise in Vladivostok of Russia.

    7. The $12 million-valued contract for processing materials supplied by customers between the Jiamusi Five-mineral Import and Export Co. and the Hong Kong Jiakeneng Resource Asian Co., Ltd.

    8.The contract of cooperation with value of $4.76 million signed by the International Engineering Cooperation Group of Heilongjiang Province and the KLUSS Co. in Ussuriysk city of Russia.

    9. The International Trust and Investment Corporation and the Slarfda Trading Group in Russia signed agreement to export the mineral water with value of $10,990,000 to China within 3 years.

    10. The West Hydropower Station Developing Co. Ltd. in Talin of Tahe County and the African Kaisa Group Co. invested $131,830,000 to the project of building the Yalin Hydropower Station. The speculated electric energy production per year is 0.216 billion kwh.

    11. Heilongjiang Dianxinbao Thermoelectric Power Co. Ltd. was contractedly set up by the Qiqihar Xinbao Thermoelectric Power Co. Ltd. and the Singapore Asian Electric Power Investment Co. Ltd. The total investment is $14,010,000.

    12. The projects of manufacturing dairy products jointly developed by the Wolitun Township Co. in Anda city with Norwegian Yongwei Group with the investment of $14,010,000

    13.The project of manufacturing the carrot series products invested by the Daqing Lvyin Food Co., Ltd with the Hong Kong Jinlian International Investment Co. with the investment of $174,670,000.
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