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The Exhibition Scale of the 8th Harbin Fair
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    The Exhibition Scale of the 8th Harbin Fair
      Countries and regions attending the fair   52
      Number of foreign businessmen   6000
      Number of enterprises attending the fair   124
      Displayed commodity   7 major categories
      Varieties of goods displayed in the   exhibition   More than 400 varieties
      Number of famous foreign enterprises   20
      Number of indoor booths   800
      Outdoor exhibition area   2500 square meters
    Volume of Business of the 8th Harbin Fair
      Total volume of business   3,387 million   US dollars    
      Contract value of foreign trade   1,844 million   US dollars    
      International projects for   economic   & technological   cooperation   590   Volume of   contract and   agreement   1,197   million US   dollars
      Projects for utilizing foreign capital   329   Volume of contract   and agreement   813 million   US dollars
      Projects for labor engineering   cooperation   266   Volume of contract   and agreement   366 million   US dollars
      Contract value of the domestic   trade   439 million   Yua40n    
      Contract value of tourism   1 billion Yuan    
    Picture the 8th Harbin Fair   June 15th, 1997- June   21st,1997

    Brief introduction of the 8th China Harbin Fair

    The 8th China Harbin Fair was held from June 15th to June 21st, 1995 in Heilongjiang International Exhibition Center. Some senior government officials presented themselves at the opening ceremony, including Mr. He Luli, the vice-chairman of the National Political Consultative Conference; Mr. Shi Guangsheng, the vice-minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation; Mr. Yue Qifeng, the secretary general of Heilongjiang Party Committee of CPC; Mr. Tian Fengshan, the governor of Heilongjiang Province; Mr. Wang Guangtao, mayor of the Harbin Municipality; Mr. Li Fenglin, Chinese ambassador to Russia, etc. Meanwhile, some foreign official representatives and foreign ambassadors to China form Russia, White Russia, Yugoslavia, Niger, Poland, US and Hungary etc. attended the opening ceremony.

    The settled total trade volume amounted to $3.387 billion, including the trade volume of $1.844 billion; 590 of international projects for economic & technological cooperation, agreement value reached to $1.197 billion; 266 cooperative projects of labor contracting with value up to $0.366 billion; 329 projects of foreign direct investment with value of $0.813 billion. The domestic trade contract valued up to 0.43972 billion Yuan, 342 cooperative projects of domestic trade valued up to 3.022 billion Yuan, 1 billion Yuan valued tourism contract was signed on this session.

    Main Contracted Projects

    1. The project of developing and utilizing the water resource comprehensively invested by Government of Mulan County of Harbin and Shenyang Pengda Enterprise Group, The two parties collaborated to produce and sell the mineral water series products. The total investment is 70 million Yuan and the foreign investment is 60 million Yuan.

    2. Baolongha Farm Project invested by Halahai Town in Longjiang County of Qiqihar City and Xiamen Huabao Group, the total investment is 40 million Yuan; the foreign investment is 40 million Yuan.

    3. The project of producing the butyl rubber with matching Al-plastic cap invested by the three parties: the Acheng Orient Petrochemical Co., Ltd. of Heilongjiang province, American TIANLI International Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang Medical Equipment Industry Company. The investment is $29.98 million and the annual output is 1.5 billion sets.

    4. Contract between the Heilongjiang International Engineering Group with the Russian Coastal Confection Industry Co., Ltd. valued up to 12 million

    5. The cooperating project signed between the GM Korea Daewoo Electrical Technology Company with Heilongjiang Dayuang Enterprises Group.

    6. The Jindu Beer Co., Ltd. established and invested by the two parties, Yuquan-Brand Beer Manufacturing Factory of Heilongjiang Province and Hong Kong Xizhonggang Brewery Co., Ltd.

    7. The contracted join-venture project of finely processing soybean between the Harbin Hi-tech Group Company with the American Baolilai Co.

    8. The Laiming Wood Industry Co. Ltd. which is the joint-venture of Xianglong Industry Co., Ltd. in Xiangfang District of Harbin and Germany Walemark Co.,
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