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The Exhibition Scale of the 10th Harbin Fair
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    The Exhibition Scale of the 10th Harbin Fair
      Countries and regions attending the fair   51
      Number of foreign businessmen   5800
      Number of indoor booths   1000
      Outdoor exhibition area   2500 square meters
    Volume of Business of the 10th Harbin Fair
      Total volume of business   4,810 million US dollars
    Picture of the 10th Harbin Fair   June 15th, 1999- June 21st,1999

    Brief Introduction of the 10th China Harbin Fair

    The 10th China Harbin Fair was held from June15 to June 21 in Harbin. The contracts on foreign trade & economic cooperation valued of US$3.57 billion have been signed. That includes US$ 2.47billion on foreign trade, US$640 million on foreign capital investment with 186 agreements, US$460 million on labor contracting program with 54 agreements. In the mean time, a total value of RMB9.926billion on domestic trade and economic cooperation agreements have also been signed including RMB1.45billion on trade, RMB8.476billion on economic cooperation with 474 project agreements.

    Delegation from Harbin has signed total value of US$401million contract on import & export trade, increased by 6.7% than last year, including US$214million on exportation and US$187million on importation. The value of contracts on foreign investment is US$357million which is 40% higher than last year. Value of foreign economic cooperation reached US$325million which is 79.3% higher than last year. The value of the cooperation agreement within China reached RMB654million with 203 transversal cooperation agreements, attracting investment of RMB421million. There are 6,200 businessmen from 51 countries and regions participated in the 10th Harbin fair and 35% of them are from the surrounding countries and other regions. The 10th Harbin fair has received 38 governmental and trading delegations from 17 countries as well as 14 delegations from other domestic provinces and cities around the china. The transactions on hi-tech products account 1/3 of the total transactions. 226 press units and 709 journalists from home and abroad have reported the fair on the spot.

    Main Transactions

    1. Harbin Dongzhou Institute of Architecture Embossment signed contract of order, equipment & technology transfer with 10 enterprises from Daqin, Qiqihar, Ninxia, Yantai, Tangshan and Beijng, the total value of contract is RMB1.2million.

    2. Heilongjiang Xinsanxing Beer Group and Japanese Ridong Co. Ltd set joint venture to produce draft beer.

    3. Harbin Yongfeng Industrial Co. signed contract with Japanese "Jinzhi" Co. Ltd on potato processing projects.

    4. Harbin Limin Economic and Technology Development Co. signed contract with Heilongjiang Shengtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Harbin Tongyitang Pharmaceutical Co., the value is RMB60million.

    5. Heilongjiang Enterprises Group signed contract with Mudanjiang Flour Co. to found the Mudanjiang Danjie Flour Co., Ltd. The total investment is RMB25million.

    6. China Harbin Int'l Co. for Economic & Technological Cooperation signed intention on cooperation with Tahkinski and Nicholayevski Forest Farms in Habarovsk in Russia for cutting destroyed forestry.

    7. Harbin Import & Export Group Co., Ltd signed contract with Russian Ular Telecom Co. to renovate the computer controlled telephone system, total investment is US$80million.

    8. 19 collective-owned enterprises from Nangang District of Harbin signed cooperation agreement with businessmen from home and abroad, total value is RMB243million.

    9. Korean Bell Co. Ltd signed contract with Heilongjiang Shengzhong Group to purchase straw panel valued of RMB6million.
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