' Forever Enthralled' Trailer
' All about Women' Trailer
'Ip Man' Trailer
'Fit Lover' Trailer
The film tells the untold stories of the legendary artist, said director Chen Kaige at the launch ceremony of the movie's official website.
Fit Lover (Aiqing Zuoyou) has a bit of everything, making it an ideal film for the upcoming Christmas and New Year: a pretty woman, 12 handsome guys
China's own Sex and The City is the obvious way to describe the romantic comedy, All About Women. Instead of four single women in Manhattan, however, imagine three in Beijing.
This winter he is back in action in the movie, Ip Man, helmed by director Wilson Yip. Adapted from the story of Ip Man, the movie retells the life of the grand master
Drama "Mei Lanfang"
Promises He Can Keep
New Stills from Mei Lanfang Biopic
Mei Lanfang Biopic to Open Earlier
"Mei Lanfang"
Gillian's Scenes Cut from 'Mei Lanfang'
"Mei Lanfang" Video Stills Released
'Mei Lanfang' Premieres Its MV Globally
Zhang Ziyi, Leon Lai Sing for 'Mei Lanfang'
"Mei Lanfang" Won't Remake in 50 Years
"Mei Lanfang" Could Face Trouble
"Mei Lanfang" to Open at Year-End
"All About Women" Premieres in Hong Kong
'All about women' New Pics
Stills from 'All About Women'
"All about Women" Poster Unveiled
"Ip Man" Grabs 1.4 Million Yuan on First Day
"Ip Man" to Be Released in December
"Fit Lover" Stars Shine at Movie Promotion





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