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The Exhibition Scale of the 11th Harbin Fair
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    The Exhibition Scale of the 11th Harbin Fair
      Countries and regions attending the fair   50
      Number of foreign businessmen   5389
      Number of indoor booths   1000
    Volume of Business of the 11th Harbin Fair
      Total volume of business   5,730 million US dollars
      Contracts for utilizing foreign-funded   project   157
      Volume of contract and agreement   1,186 million US dollars
      Contract value of the domestic trade   1,094 million US dollars
      Domestic projects for economic &   technological cooperation   625
    Picture of the 11th Harbin Fair   June 15th, 2000- June 21st ,2000

    Brief introduction of the 11th China Harbin Fair

    The 11th China Harbin Fair was held from the 15th to 21st of June in 2000 in Harbin. The total concluded deal valued up to $ 5.73 billion, increased by 20.1%compared with the last session. 5389 exhibitors and visitors from 52 countries and regions participated in the 11th Harbin fair, including C.I.S, USA, England, Italy, and Japan,Portugal as well as some East European countries. The number of foreign exhibitors increased by half and the structure of the concluded commodities was optimized further, such as the organic food, pharmaceuticals, environment protection products and Hi-tech products etc. Moreover, 39 projects of foreign trade and economic cooperation valued up to $10,000,000 had been concluded. In a word, both the value and amount of the foreign investment were richer than the past sessions.

    Besides, the structure and scale of the exhibits were more outstanding and the decoration and arrangement of the pavilions were more professional than before, such as the pavilions of Hi-tech, Furniture and Mechanical Electric Products etc.

    Main Concluded Contracts

    1. Qiqihar Trading Delegation signed 0.263 billion Yuan valued contracts, which attracts the investment of 0.125 billion Yuan, engaged in the fields of timber processing, real estate developing, flour processing and agricultural by-products.

    2. 0.26 billion Yuan valued contracts signed by DAXING'ANLING delegation and the foreign businessmen from Japan, Canada, South Korea etc., which is engaged in the fields of producing, processing and selling of wood products, real estate developing and so on.

    3. 0.7 billion Yuan valued contracts were concluded within Heihe city engaged in the fields of tourism, lumbering business, timber processing, soybean selling etc. The projects of the construction and developing of BLAGOVESHCHENSK and municipal infrastructure of Heihe city were also included.

    4. Delegation of Heilongjiang Land Cultivation based in BEIDAHUANG had signed 29 contracts valued up to 1.065 billion Yuan.12 projects of technology and economic cooperation, 3 projects of technology importation, 2 projects of technology revolution as well as 17 contracts of trading.

    5. Shuangyashan Bureau of Grain signed a contract with value of $110 million with Hong Kong FENTAI Group Co. for exporting 700,000 tons of maize within 2 years.

    6. Xinhua Farm and Jinyang Farm of Land Reclamation and Cultivation of Heilongjiang Province signed the contracts with Japan and Russia separately for exporting maize, the sum up value of the 2 contracts is $11 million.

    7. More over 20 contracts were signed by the Longqing Group engaged in processing, planting, purchasing, marketing, researching and technology cooperation. The marketable fund is 0.6 billion Yuan.

    8. The producing project of the artificial silk cloth signed by SHUANGCHENG city and WANJIE Group Co.

    9. The producing project of the linear electric machine signed by Harbin Taifu Developing Co. Ltd., Hong Kong Dehu Group Co. and the Zhejiang University.

    10. Zhongya Piano Plant was jointly founded by Shangzhi city and Shanghai Zhongya Piano Co. Ltd.

    11. A biggest ceramic wholesale market in Northeast China was jointly founded by Tuanjie village in Taiping district of Harbin and Fujian Putian Petroleum Investment & Equipment Head office. The total investment of the projects amounted to 0.584 billion Yuan, fund attracting reached to 0.575 billion Yuan.

    12. Harbin Pauls Furniture Co., Ltd. signed the contract of exporting furniture valued up to 300,000 Yuan with Nongyuan Development Co. in Khabarovsk of Russia.
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