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The Exhibition Scale of the 12th Harbin Fair
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    The Exhibition Scale of the 12th Harbin Fair
      Countries and regions attending the fair   58
      Number of foreign businessmen   5237
      Number of indoor booths   1000 (including Guangdong - Heilongjiang   trade fair)
      Outdoor exhibition area   2500 square meters
      Number of enterprises attending the fair   161 from abroad and 7800 at home
      Number of domestic provinces and cities   attending the fair   26
    Volume of Business of the 12th Harbin Fair
      Total volume of business   6,210 million US dollars
      Contract value of foreign trade   2,960 million US dollars
      Contracts for external project contracting   and labor service   112 contracts were signed and valued at   400 million US dollars
      Contracts for utilizing foreign capital   Signed 208 agreements and introduced   foreign capital of 1.19 billion US dollars
      Domestic trade and economic &   technological cooperation   1,660 million US dollars
    Picture of the 12th Harbin Fair   June 15th, 2001- June 21st , 2001

    Brief Introduction of the 12th China Harbin Fair

    With the great support of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the joint effort from all the circles, the 12th China Harbin Fair had gained abundant accomplishment. It concluded transaction with value up to $6.21 billion, 18% increased over the last year. In which includes $2.96 billion for contract of foreign trade, increased by 16.4%; 112 projects of foreign contracted engineering and laboring cooperation, total valued up to $ 0.4 billion, 8.3% decreased; 208 contracts of utilization foreign investment, agreement of foreign investment valued up to $1.19 billion, slightly increased over the last session. The contracts of domestic trade and economic cooperation valued up to 13.77 billion Yuan ($1.66billion), increased by 6.4%;

    Guangdong-Heilongjiang Trade Symposium, which was sponsored by the Heilongjiang government and the Guangdong Government, had attracted lots of attention. More than 2000 customers from over 600 enterprises of Guangdong province had business negotiation with the businessmen both home and abroad. 5.3billion Yuan valued contracts of economic cooperation were signed between the delegations of Guangdong and Heilongjiang; 6.15 billion Yuan valued contracts among the delegations of Guangdong, Liaoning and Jilin provinces.

    The 12th Harbin Fair adhered to the practice of taking the CIS countries and East European countries as the core, meanwhile opening to the whole world. 5237 foreign businessmen from 58 countries and regions attended this fair, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, America, Japan, France, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, etc. Among them, 41.68% exhibitors were from neighboring countries as well as the countries of oceans apart, 4.6% increased over. More than 40000 exhibitors from 26 domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions participated in the fair. Meanwhile 32 foreign official delegations and international organizations from 13 countries and regions had visited the fair, such as Russia, Poland, Japan, and Egypt etc.

    Main Concluded Projects

    1.The agreements of purchase and sale valued up to 50 million Yuan for 200,000 pure-wood doors signed between the Shenzhong Group Co. and American Shuangyou Co.

    2. The Sale contracts with value of $10,000,000 Yuan for the exporting dumping with edible wild herbs filling to Japan by Harbin Lvse Industrial Co. Ltd. and the Japan Frozen Food Co.

    3.The contracts with value of $50 million signed by Jixi delegation with the businessmen from Russia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and some other countries.

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