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Gu Changwei's "A Tale of Magic" to Be Released by the End of the Year
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    Gu Changwei, Aaron Kwok and Zhang Ziyi (from left) [Photo: CFP]

    Following Feng Xiaogang's "If You Are The One 2", Jiang Wen's "Let the Bullets Fly" and Chen Kaige's "Orphan of Zhao" were announced as joining the roster of movie releases for the holiday season. Director Gu Changwei's new film "A Tale of Magic" will also premiere in time for the competitive season, the "Beijing News" reports.

    Gu's previous films "Peacock" and "And the Spring Comes" are both low-budget art films and have not done well at the box office. Why does his latest film plunge into such stiff competition this time?

    "A Tale of Magic," which has been in production for three years and suffered repeated script rewrites, is a romantic story that aims to display the desperation of masses and the original sin of love across life and death.

    Internationally known actress Zhang Ziyi and Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok star in the leading roles, so producers expect a positive performance at the box office. Meanwhile, veteran actors Pu Cunxin, Jiang Wenli, Tao Zeru and Sun Haiying also join the cast, so the all-star lineup guarantees this film is one to watch.

    Director Gu believes that this upcoming film will catch viewers' eyes due to its story and visual effects. "I hope that everybody can experience the magic of love and life changes, and the purest return of love", Gu said.

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