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The border wall in Mu Danjiang has been placed onto the World Culture Inheritance Name List
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    銆€銆€Mu Danjiang Cultural Relic Management Station has announced that the State Council has put the Great Wall ruins and the border wall in Mu Danjiang into the Great Wall resource survey project. This means the border wall in Mu Danjiang will have as much importance as the Tang Great Wall and Qin Great Wall as they are both on the World Culture Inheritance Name List. They will become the common cultural inheritance. This is the first project in Heilongjiang Province which has been placed on the World Culture Inheritance Name List.

    銆€銆€The border wall in Mu Danjiang was built to defend Heishui Mohe during the period of Bohai country in Tang Dynasty. It has the same function of the Great Wall. Bohai Town in Ning鈥檃n was the capital of Bohai country in the Tang Dynasty, which was one of the most prosperous cities in Asia at the time. Exploration shows that the border wall is about 100 kilometers long and is made up of 3 parts. The first part is 50 kilometers long and lies in Sandaoguan. It starts from Jiangxi in the east and then spreads to the northwest passing Xinfengnanling, Sandaoguan, Errenshinanling, etc, and at last ends at the North Slope in Xidalazi. The second part is 30 kilometers long and it lies in the east of Ning鈥檃n. It starts from the right bank of Mu Danjiang and spreads to the east and it ends in the eastern side of Niang鈥檃n Liangzhong. The third part is 20 kilometers long and lies in Jingbo Lake. It starts from the lake side of Qianglazi and is built across the mountains near the lake through the 201 highway and then continues in the southeast.

    銆€銆€It is known that the border wall in Mu Danjiang was authorized to be one of the most important cultural relic protections. This year, the Cultural Relic Management Station in Mu Danjiang began to organize professional experts to explore the border wall and research such things as the size and the length of the wall..

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