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    General Information:Mudanjiang (or Mutankiang ), in Heilongjiang province, is a railroad junction and a lumbering center in a rich timber region. Rubber products, especially tires, are a major manufacture, in addition to aluminum and various construction materials.

    Geography:Mudanjiang lies in the southeast of Heilongjiang province. It has an area of 50 thousand square kilometers and a population of 2.83 million. The topography of Mudanjiang is varied. The northeastern part is flat, the central part is a basin, and the rest are mountains.

    Climate:Mudanjiang has a temperate monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 3.5oC and 126 frost-free days. Annual rainfall averages 550 millimeters.

    Mudanjiang Economy:Mudanjiang is rich in forest resource. Mineral deposits include coal, gold, graphite, titanium, iron, crystal, mica, dolomite, and phosphorus. Industries include petrochemicals, machinery, construction material, power, metal making, electronics, coal, gold, textiles, and food processing. The rubber production capability is prominent in China. Mudanjiang is also noted for its timber production and paper making. The chief farm products include wheat, rice, corns, soya beans, beet and fresh water fish. Mudanjiang is one of China's major beet growing regions.

    History:The city was the capital of the former Songjiang province.

    Arrive:Rail and road transportation facilities in Mudanjiang are developed. There are flights from Mudanjiang to Beijing, Harbin, and Shanghai.

    Mudanjiang Tourism:The region's premier tourist attractions include the Jingbo Lake, the Longquanfu and the Ningguta ancient city ruins, the Canglu Nature Reserve, and the Yueya Lake Nature Reserve.The major scenic spots include the Jingpo Lake, Lotus Lake, Peony Peak, Volcano Forest, the site of Bohai Kingdom, Snow Land at Linhai and the Movie & TV shooting City on Weihu Mountains. Recently, many newly-developed tours (such as ice and snow, forest, folk customs and Sino-Russia border tours) are available.

    Cuisine:The famous local products and specialties are ginseng, pilose antler, fungus, mushrooms, and pine nuts.

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