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Tibetan prefecture marks 60th anniversary of peaceful liberation
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    An exhibition opened in Qamdo Prefecture, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Monday to mark the 60th anniversary of its peaceful liberation and showcase the region's development towards a modern society.

    About 1,000 people from different walks of life Monday visited the exhibition, held at Qamdo Town in the heart of the prefecture.

    The exhibition displays Qamdo's past and present, with hundreds of historic photos, publications in Mandarin and Tibetan, sand tables and multimedia presentations, said Kelsang, a local official in town. "A review of the past tells us to cherish the present, and gives us hope for a better future."

    On Oct. 19, 1950, troops of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) marched into Qamdo Prefecture, which sits in the east of Tibet and borders Yunnan, Sichuan and Qinghai provinces, and raised a Chinese national flag there.

    The event was a precursor to the peaceful liberation of the entire Tibet in the following year.

    Qamdo Prefecture, with 640,000 people, reported nearly 5.8 billion yuan (872 million U.S. dollars) of GDP last year, 140 times the 1958 figure. The per capita net annual income of local farmers and herders averaged 3,144 yuan.

    "Qamdo had no roads in the 1950s," said Qi Fei, chief of the local transport bureau. "The only vehicles were mule carts."

    By the end of last year, 9,164 km of roads had been built, covering 72.5 percent of villages, he said. "We'll build roads to all villages by 2020."

    Meanwhile, he said the government was building an interprovincial highway network to link Qamdo with all pivotal cities in western China including Lhasa, Chengdu, Xining and Kunming.

    Qamdo is also home to the world's highest sewage-treatment plant, which will become operational later this month.

    The project is the first modern sewage-treatment facility in Tibet, a region with 2.8 million people.

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