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Top 10 most beautiful geological parks in China
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    Promoted by Enjoy World Magazine, and other media, "Most Beautiful Tourism Destinations of China" has attracted over 1 million netizens.

    With 30 categories; including mountains, geological parks and forest preserves, 238 of the top destinations were chosen from 509 scenic spots in China. Here, we will introduce the Top 10 Most Beautiful Geological Parks in China. They are famous for their excellent scenery as well as their unique geologic formations.

    1. Shilin Geological Park (Stone Forest) in Yunnan (浜戝崡鐭虫灄鍦拌川鍏洯)

    Shilin is the most famous scenery in Yunnan Province.

    Kunming, the capital of stunning Yunnan Province, is famous for its excellent scenery. Shilin, or literally "Stone Forest", is the most famous.

    As 'One of the World's Natural Wonders', Stone Forest features natural karst stone formations that resemble a forest; some are elegant, some are rugged and each has distinguishing characteristics that make each seem lifelike.

    The tall rocks jut from the ground much like stalagmites or even like trees of stone, creating the illusion of a forest made of stone.

    Each year around the 24th and 25th day of the sixth lunar month, the Yi people celebrate Torch Festival, which features traditional Yi folk dances and wrestling competitions.

    Travel Tips:

    Admission: 140 yuan

    Tel: +86-871-7719006

    Getting There: You can take a bus from East Bus Station, prices range from 10-15 yuan.

    East Bus Station Tel: +86-871-6140964

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