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CCTV-MTV Music Awards Winners
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    The 10th CCTV-MTV Music Honors Awards came to an end in Beijing's Wukesong Arena Monday, Oct. 18, reported.

    David Tao and A Mei won the best male and female singer awards in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In the Chinese mainland, the awards went to Sun Nan and Han Hong.

    The grand ceremony attracted many top singers from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan including Na Ying, Sun Nan, Eason Chan, Mayday, David Tao, A Mei and Elva Hsiao.

    The Award List:

    Best female singer:
    Chinese Mainland: Han Hong
    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: A Mei (Zhang Huimei)

    Best male singer:
    Chinese Mainland: Sun Nan
    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: David Tao (Tao Zhe)

    Most popular female singer:
    Chinese Mainland: Na Ying
    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: Elva Hsiao (Xiao Yaxuan)

    Most popular male signer:
    Chinese Mainland: Han Geng
    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: JJ Lin (Lin Junjie)

    Best band:
    Chinese Mainland: Phoenix Legend
    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: Mayday

    Most potential singer:
    Chinese Mainland: Ma Haisheng
    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: Yoga Lin (Lin Youjia)

    Most popular band in Asia:
    2PM (South Korea)

    Most popular song:
    Legend (Chuan Qi), by Li Jian
    Send you a Jasmine (Song Ni Yi Duo Dongfang Moli), by Song Zuying

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