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Zhou Xun's 'Nail Trimmer' Trailer Available
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    Click to watch the trailer of the Chinese short film "Legend of Four Nights: The Nail Trimmer" ("Siye Qitan Zhi Zhijiadao Renmo"), a combo of horror, suspense and romance featuring Zhou Xun as a girl who eats metal nail-clippers.

    Without using dialogue, the trailer offers a preview of the story of a young man (Lawrence Chou) who realizes that his girlfriend (Zhou Xun) is not a human but a "nail-clipper demon".

    The 40-minute film will be released via the Internet in two segments. The first will be available online on October 15, and the second on October 22.

    Derek Tsang and Jimmy Wan co-directed the film, with Pang Ho-Cheung as its executive producer.

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