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Zhang Ziyi Mixes Happy and Sad in 'Tale of Magic'
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    Click to watch the trailer for "A Tale of Magic". Please be patient as the video may take some time to load. If you can't watch the video, please download Adobe Flash Player. [Video courtesy of]

    The first trailer from Gu Changwei's HIV-focused drama "A Tale of Magic" ("Moshu Waizhuan"), starring Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok, has set a sad tone for the movie.

    In the trailer, Qinqin (Zhang Ziyi) appears in Chinese red, hinting at an ongoing wedding. She repeatedly announces she and Deyi (Aaron Kwok) "have voluntarily married each other." She at first seems extremely happy, and then suddenly starts to weep. Her emotions are shared by Deyi, who looks at her with obvious love in his eyes.

    "A Tale of Magic" is set in an isolated Chinese village which suffers from the rapid spread of HIV as a result of the blood trade. Infected villagers live together in an abandoned school. Deyi and Qinqin, each married and then abandoned by their spouses because of their illness, move into the school and later fall in love.

    The film is slated for release in December.

    Director Gu Changwei won a Jury Grand Prix Silver Bear at the 2005 Berlin International Film Festival for his directorial debut, "Peacock" ("Kongque"). His work as a cinematographer on "Farewell My Concubine" ("Bawang Bie Ji"), directed by Chen Kaige, earned Gu an Oscar nomination.

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