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Zheng Jun Holds Concert in Beijing
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    Rock star Zheng Jun's concert "You Must Be Happy" was staged in the Beijing Exhibition Hall theater on Saturday.

    The concert started with Zheng's popular piece "Shooting Star" (Liu Xing), the Chinese-language version of Coldplay's "Yellow." Then the singer reviewed many of his old melodies, like "Cinderella" (Hui Guniang) and "Blossom" (Nu Fang).

    Tang Weiwei, the singer who shot to fame through popular singing contest "Super Voice Girl," was invited as the guest to perform at the concert. They sang Zheng's famous piece "Back to Lhasa" (Hui Dao Lasa).

    Born in Xi'an, Zheng started his career as a composer in 1987. Five years later, he became a professional singer with the Hong Kong Star Record Company in 1992. Then came his debut album "Naked" (Chi Luoluo) in 1994, on which Zheng wrote, composed and sang all 10 tracks. "Naked" achieved immediate success.

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