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Second Trailer of Film "Wind Blast" Released
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    Director Gao Qunshu and actors Charlie Yeung, Francis Ng and Xia Yu (from left) appear at a press conference in Beijing to promote the action film "Wind Blast" on Monday, August 30, 2010. [Photo: CRIENGLISH]

    Members of the cast and crew of the upcoming action film "Wind Blast" held a press conference on Monday, August 30, in Beijing to release the movie's second trailer, CRI reports.

    Director Gao Qunshu and actors Francis Ng, Xia Yu and Charlie Yeung promoted the thriller with the four-minute-long trailer.

    Gao said he would rather present an imperfect trailer to the audience than a cool one that was a re-edited version and totally different from the film's storyline.

    "It depends on the audiences themselves whether they like or dislike my film, but I won't cheat them with a re-edited trailer," Gao said. "You can go to the cinema if you like the style of the trailer. If you decide to download it online, I respect your choice as well."

    Eight well-known actors appear in the film. Talking about the kinds of actors he prefers in his films, Gao said all of the eight were similar in that they had not yet achieved their loftiest aspirations.

    "I like actors who have experienced a lot from their lives and have their own thoughts about life," Gao said. "It's even better when they have been shaped by others in real life."

    The film, which also features actors Duan Yihong, Wu Jing, Yu Nan, Ni Dahong and Zhang Li, is scheduled for release on October 28.

    Click to watch the trailer of film "Wind Blast."

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