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Tsai Returns to Host 2010 Golden Horse Awards
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    Kevin Tsai and his co-host Lin Chi-Ling arrive for the 41st Golden Horse Film Awards in Taichung on December 4, 2004. [File Photo: CFP/Miny Chen]

    Guess who will host this year's Golden Horse Awards, the celebrated "Chinese-language Oscars"? It's none other than the Golden Horse's old friend Kevin Tsai.

    Tsai, a popular host in Taiwan best known for the talk show "Kang Xi Lai Le", will return to the awards after avoiding them for four years, reported

    He had been hosting the annual awards, collaborating with different female stars each year, from 2001 to 2004, and returned in 2006.

    "I kept receiving invitations after 2006, but I was looking for something new, so I turned it down," Tsai said, explaining his previous absence, and added he expected new ideas at this year's ceremony.

    Tsai's co-host at the gala, set for November 20, hasn't been announced.

    The Golden Horse Awards give prestigious prizes to Chinese-language films. Nominees for the 47th edition will be announced on October 1.

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