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Group Purchase for Wedding: Bargain or Risk?
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    Taking wedding photos, buying furniture, holding a wedding ceremony, and planning a honeymoon can now be found on many popular wedding channels like, but on top of all this what many future newlyweds are really in search of are for other couples willing to share the experience together so as to reduce wedding expenses.

    For companies, such group purchases are undoubtedly welcomed, even though the discount is quite high. The wedding photo studio Blue Crystal told the Beijing Evening News that they offer a 4,888 Yuan (718 US dollars) wedding photo package now for just 3,208 Yuan (471 US dollars), which is a 35% discount for two couples who book their photos together. As for furniture and home appliances, group purchases can enjoy even more favorable discounts.

    However, insiders noted that finding other people to go in on a group wedding purchase is not that simple, warning that only familiar friends or people who are reliable can be trusted. In addition, bulk purchases should be written into a contract so as to avoid unnecessary dissension.

    Apart from group purchases, many future newlyweds are considering other alternatives to cut down on the usual wedding expenses.

    Future bride Xiaobai told a reporter that she has sent out wedding invitations via email which were designed by a professional wedding company. She said the electronic method of sending out invitations saves money, and is more witty and creative.

    Others who are preparing for their wedding are also planning carefully. Instead of renting an expensive BMW or Mercedes Benz as the wedding car, many have switched to renting average cars from their friends. "The face-saving problem is really not that necessary," said newlywed Xia.

    "We have booked a wedding dinner scheduled on September 9, 2012, in case the price turns to be high at that time," Xiao Sun and his girlfriend said, admitting there is risk in doing so, since they have to pay a 20,000 Yuan deposit for 15 tables at the dinner, and if they break up in two years, they are not sure if it is refundable.
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