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Tongjiang Harbor Reconstruction & Extension Project
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    Project Name Tongjiang Harbor Reconstruction & Extension Project

      Means of Cooperation

    Joint venture, cooperation  
      Project Manager Zhang Yufen  
      Contact Tel 86-451-88919875  
      Fax 86-451-88912404  
      Project Description Tongjiang Harbor belongs to national category one international open-up port, it is composed of Hengjiangkou Harbor Section and Hayudao Harbor Section. The land area of Hengjiangkou Harbor Section is 177,000 square meters, the bank line is 778 linear meters, there are one roll-on berth and 3 vertical-wall berths, the annual throughput is 800,000 tons, within the harbor area, the length of special railway line is 1.82km; Hayudao Harbor Section is separated from Russian 袧懈卸薪械-袥械薪懈薪褋泻芯械 Harbor by river, there are one roll-on wharf and one passenger transport wharf, the annual passing capacity is 100,000 person-times, the annual throughput is 200,000 tons. In the project, one 3,000-ton berth and two 1,000-ton berths will be newly built, auxiliary road, stacking yard, environment protection and fire control facilities will also be built, the newly-increased design throughput is 840,000 tons. Logistic, trade and processing service will be provided, at present, the first stage of works in Tongjiang Harbor Reconstruction & Extension Project has been started in all round. it is estimated that the project will be completed fully in 2009. Scale of project: The newly-increased design throughput is 840,000 tons
      Estimated Cost Value In the project, the investment in Hengjiangkou Harbor Section of Tongjiang is US$16.57 million, the economic inner revenue rate is 23.7%, the financial inner revenue rate is 9.7%, the investment recovery period is 10.7 years(including construction period); Hayudao Harbor Section will be started at proper time.
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