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Shipbuilding Project of Heilongjiang Shipping Group for Combined River & Sea Shipping
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    Project Name Shipbuilding Project

      Means of Cooperation

    Joint venture, cooperation  
      Project Manager Zhang Yufen  
      Contact Tel 86-451-88919875  
      Fax 86-451-88912404  
      Project Description Name of project: Shipbuilding Project of Heilongjiang Shipping Group for Combined River & Sea Shipping.Brief description on the project: In 1992, Heilongjiang Shipping Group inaugurated a pieces of combined river & sea shipping route from Songhua River, Heilong River, via the sea exit at Russian Nikolayevsk-on-Amure, to southeast countries including Japan, ROK and DPRK. In 2004, on basis of consolidating the navigation routes reaching Japan and ROK, the company inaugurated domestic navigation routes leading to southeast coastal regions. By utilizing this piece of navigation route, when cargo is transported from Heilongjiang of China to Japan, the spent time is shorter than the time when cargo transport route passes Dalian. The competition advantages on the aspects of saving expense and environment protection become apparent more and more. In 2007, Heilongjiang Provincial Government took Large Part Transport Project in combined river & sea shipping as major work, which will start trial run in this summer. The cargo sources in this navigation route are sufficient, the economic benefit is excellent. The transport cost for heavy & large part over 100 tons is only about a half of the cost of highway transport, the advantage is apparent and the competition capacity is powerful. After trial run succeeds, regular ship transport will be implemented, so to pull fast development of other cargos in combined river & sea shipping. At present, Heilongjiang Shipping Group has 3 river & sea dual-purpose ships, the tonnage is 19,000; 4 auxiliary 1,000-ton corrugated ships used in freshwater. In order to meet the requirements in future market development, the company plans to invest 222 million yuan to manufacture 20 ships used for combined river & sea shipping within the future 3~5 years, in which, 120 million yuan will be used to manufacture two 5,000-ton ships used for combined river & sea shipping, 32 million yuan will be used to manufacture four 1,500-ton self-propelled barges used for direct river & sea transport, 48 million yuan will be used for to manufacture eight 2,000-ton corrugated barges, 22 million yuan will be used for to manufacture six 1,000-ton corrugated barges. Combined river & sea shipping services on heavy & large part and export cargo will be provided.
      Estimated Cost Value US$31,71 million
      Estimated Profit
      Raw Material & Product
      Market Prospect Building 20 ships used for combined river & sea shipping.  
      Market Status  
      Raw Material  
      Project Progress  
      Previous Work  
      Construction Scale  
      Enterprise Description  
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