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Andy Lau Plays Charlie Chaplin in Latest Video
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    Hong Kong pop idol Andy Lau has released his latest music video, in which he appears as the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin, reports.

    The song is a cover of the classic Cantonese song "Ruffian" by singer Sam Hui. The video has Andy Lau as a policeman resembling Charlie Chaplin examining 4 different figures cast by Lau's best friends - Sammi Cheng, Ekin Cheng, Chapman To and MC Jin - who are all trying out new roles.

    Andy Lau expressed his gratitude to his four friends because they all agreed to do the video as soon as they received the invitation, and they all did it for free. Lau said he felt grateful for these deep friendships.

    The video will begin broadcasting worldwide from September 17.

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