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Andy Lau Presents 'Gallants'
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    Andy Lau promotes the new kung fu movie "Gallants" in Beijing on Tuesday, May 11, 2010. Lau invested in and produced the film. [Photo:]

    Hong Kong's enduring star Andy Lau continues to discover new directing talent. Lau has invested in and produced the kung fu movie "Gallants", which will open in cinemas on June 4.

    Newcomers Clement Cheng and Derek Kwok co-directed the movie, which is the latest project of Lau's company, Focus Films. The company in 2006 presented the black comedy "Crazy Stone" and turned its little-known director, Ning Hao, into a star.

    Lau showed up Tuesday to promote "Gallants" in Beijing, where he was dubbed "the godfather of new directors." Responding to the title, Lau told the media, "It's just a pleasure to be able to help these directors."

    Lau says the story attracted him to the film. "Gallants" centers on a kung fu master who wakes up from a long coma, and his disciples, who are holed up in a village restaurant.

    The film was screened to a limited audience during this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival. The festival's Web site describes the film as "an exhilarating homage to Hong Kong's action stars of yesteryear and Hong Kong's action comedies."

    The film's cast includes Teddy Robin Kwan, Siu-Lung Leung, Kuan-Tai Chen and You-Nam Wong.

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