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Shidu in Beijing
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    Shidu-the Guilin of the North. Sometimes dubbed 'the Guilin of the North,' Shidu Scenic Spot is located along the middle-upper reaches of Juma River in Fangshan District, 100 kilometers from the city. There are 10 river bends along this segment of the river, o颅n each of which a ferry crossing was set up. Hence the name Shidu means '10 ferry crossings' in Chinese. Shidu is the o颅nly natural scenic spot in north China that is characterized by karst peak forests and river valley topography. There is beautiful scenery o颅n each ferry crossing. The varied terrain -- the winding river course, deep here and shallow there, broad here and narrow there, and the rolling hills, sometimes undulating sharply and sometimes slightly -- forms the distinctive style of the scenic spot. Convenient amenities make Shidu a very attractive tourist resort. To date, nearly 200 films and TV programs have chosen Shidu for location shooting.


    Bungee jumping is a more recent attraction of the area. It claims to be the first place to offer a bungee facility for adventurers in China. The 48-meter jumping platform was built in 1997. It costs 150 yuan (US$18.3) for o颅ne to jump. Another 55-meter jumping platform was built beside it in 1998 and o颅ne jump costs 180 yuan (US$22). The mountain of Shidu is steep, the water is clear, peaks, rocks form a contrast to the water, caves, brooks and ponds. Every three steps, there is a scenery, every five steps, there is a painting, it is like a gallery, every 100m, there is a bridge, every 1000m, there is a ferry crossing. All the four seasons are like paintings.


    Drive line: Jingsi Expressway Liuli River exit-Liuli River-Yueli Road-Yuegezhuang-Yunju Temple-Zhouzhang Road-Zhangbao Road??Shidu

    Bus: Take Tourist Bus No. 10 could arrive there directly, there are coaches in Tianqiao, Liuliqiao, there are Tourist Bus NO. 10 Special Line o颅n weekend in Qianmen, Fuchengmen, Xuanwumen, Take Tourist Express 7 to Shidu in South Beijing Station.

    Railroad: South Beijing-Shidu, 7095, 7178, 7197, 7096 at Yongdingmen Railroad Station

    Shidu fee and opening hours

    Admission Ticket: 20 Yuan for Gushan Village, 15 Yuanfor Wanjingxiangou, 20 Yuan for Xianfeng Valley.

    Opening hours 8:00-18:00


    Festival Activities: Shidu Mountain and Water Festival

    Time: June 1st to October 10th.

    Content: diving, sun bathing, boating, whiffing, beach valleyball, singing, needfire evening, dancing and performances.

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