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Liu Xiang
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       China's liu xiang became the first Asian in history to win the men;s 110m hurdles at the olympic games He also broke the

       Olympic recors of 12.95 seconds set by Allen johnson of the United states in the Atlanta Olympic game in 1996. his gold medal is said to be "the  heaviest' or most sifnificant of the 32 that China won in the Athens olympic.

    "I just wanted to do my best said liu and he did agood start helped him speed almost half a meter ahead of the others at the be ginning liu led for the whole race and  reached the end with his arms raised .

        "we can make up the shortcomings in our bodies with an advantage in technique we can compete with europeans and amer cans said feng shuyong head coach of china s national athletic team liu is a very good example"

          "It is a proud moment not only for China, but for Asia and all of  the  people who have the same yellow skin color I will continue to prove that there are hurdlers just as good as me  in Asin," the champion said ."My victory has proven that athles

    with yellow skin can run as fast as those with black and white skin."

           when talking about the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008,he said I believe that a lot more miracles will take place in China."

          Liu Xiang was born in shanghai.His father is a truck driver  and his mother is an out-of-work housewife.he loved sports when he was very little.

         "He kept running and  jumping everyday,and never sat  quietly ." his mother Ji Fenhua said.

         Liu was chousen by the Junior Sports School of putuo District in Shanghai to practice jumping when he was a fourth grader in primry school. Then.he had  a bone test showing that he would not be  able to become a tall man.Liu was asked to give up  sports one year later ,even though he had won the nationl championship.

        His parants wanted him to study computers or something else, but Loi decided to go on.

        "I told my mother that I would  compete in the Olympics one day ,"Liu said .

        the year of 1998 was alucky year for Liu He got coach Sun Haiping' s attention as a 15-year-old jumper.

        Sun was a well-known hurdel coach,who belived that a star was born when he saw Liu. He isited Liu's parents several

    times and finally persuaded them to let Liu run in the 110m hurdles.

        Then after several year , he finally  won the gold and put a  chinese man's name in the record books.


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