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Mr. Yan Zemin
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    Born in Suide County, Shanxi Province in 1921, he joined the Chinese Workers鈥?and Peasants鈥?Red Army in 1935. After liberation he was appointed vice-minister of Publicity Department of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee. In 1956, he was transferred from Beijing to Heilongjiang. He used to be vice-minister of Publicity Department of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee; Chairman of Heilongjiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles; and Chairman of Heilongjiang Writer鈥檚 Association. His major works include The Young Red Army Soldier, The Taohua Mountain full of Peach Blossoms, The Wuding River; Rolling Thunder Rumbles, She Disappeared in the Early Morning and Heart Beating of Love 鈥?Sequel to the Wuding River.

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