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Clubs and bars and cafes
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    ClubsMany discos that cater mainly to Chinese have table minimums. That is, each table has a different minimum purchase to sit there and you must purchase at least that much as soon as you sit down. They won't trust that you will eventually purchase enough over the course of the evening. Some even have the price of the table on a tent card sitting on the table. You can try and get around this sales tactic by saying you want to just have a look around (wo yao xian kan kan) and hope that they forget about you.

    The Box (BOX绯栨灉閰掑惂), 82 Xidazhi Jie (瑗垮ぇ鐩磋82鍙?. Former expat hangout of Harbin. Shut down after a stabbing incident. edit Babyface, Youzheng Jie and Hongjun Jie intersection (鍗楀矖鍖洪偖鏀胯鍜岀孩鍐涜浜ゅ彛). The newest addition to Harbin's club scene its nothing like its sister in Beijing or Shanghai, seems to have lost its popularity to Tanghui, lots of rich people. Not much dancing. A Long Island is 楼40. Kiss Disco, 150 Dongdazhi Jie (涓滃ぇ鐩磋150鍙?. The biggest disco in Harbin, can fit a couple thousand people, lots of young people. If you enter, you will be the only foreigner. Can be fun but there is a Chinese mafia presence here. Wednesday is ladies night and it is packed. Expensive drinks, beers are 楼25+. SOS Club (鍞愪細鍥介檯淇变箰閮?, 110 Zhongshan Lu (涓北璺?11鍙?. Currently the most popular disco with the Chinese. Plays Hip Hop. Banana, Basement, Sino-way Hotel, Hongjun Street, Nangang District (鍗楀矖鍖虹孩鍐涜鍗庤瀺楗簵鍦颁笅涓€灞? N谩ng菐ngq奴 H贸ngj奴nji膿 Hu脿r贸ngf脿ndi脿n D矛xi脿y墨c茅ng). Expensive, smallish, and pushy waiters that make you buy expensive drinks. Overall, not fun.

    Blues: the longstanding expat hangout of HarbinBlue's (甯冮瞾鏂厭鍚?, 100 Diduan Jie (鍦版琛?00鍙?. Everything that is Harbin, Russians, Mongolians, Turks, Canadians, Brazilians, Koreans. Frequent staging ground for fights between Koreans and Mongolians or Russians fighting with Russians. Friday nights 10:30PM and afterward get really crazy when about 80% of Harbin's international students head out to Blue's to party. Also, at 11PM you can buy a bottle of Vodka for 楼10, but it is devil water from Anhui has made many people go nuts and dance on the pole for hours. During the week it is full of Chinese.

    CoCo Club, Changjiang Street and Yushan Street intersection (闀挎睙璺笌鐜夊北璺氦姹囧). Newly opened flashy disco. Packed on weekends.

    New Las Vegas (鏂版媺鏂淮鍔犳柉杩惂), (In Fushun Tiantian Hotel (绂忛『澶╁ぉ澶ч厭搴? out in the development district (Kaifaqu)). It is not big but not small, lots of dancing, drinks are expensive, lots of flashing lights, usually dead after 11:30PM.

    Earth Club (姝ヨ鑰呴厭鍚?, 102 Xidazhi Jie (瑗垮ぇ鐩磋102鍙?. Owned by a foreginer named [Boyde skinner], great music, cheap drinks, English speaking bar staff, pool table dart boards. No. One Disco, (In Pearl River Hotel (鐝犳睙璺彔姹熷棣? Zhujiang Bingguan)). Another big flashy disco as big as Kiss, lots of go-go dancers who are also prostitutes. Pushy bartenders who charge you 50 Yuan to sit at the bar or 200 to sit at a table. Better to be avoided unless you can speak Chinese or are with a group of Chinese people. The staff can go from Pushy to Assault mode in a blink.

    Jinhao Disco (閲戣豹杩惂), 161 Heping (Lu鍜屽钩璺?61鍙?. One of the oldest discos in Harbin, kind of run-down now, frequent bar fights. As the cab drivers say, "Don't go there, that's where the poor people go."

    Yes (澶滄柉), (Near Blues). Yet another flashy disco with pounding techno; it's okay.

    鍝堝皵婊ㄩ害鑾庢參鎽囬厭鍚т勘涔愰儴, (閬撻噷鍖哄厗楹熻21鍙?. A large club with lots of singing and performances. Mostly tables but there are people dancing. Dijie Manyao Bar (甯濊鎱㈡憞鍚?, 2 Manzhouli Jie (婊℃床閲岃2鍙?. Another bar with scantily clad dancers.

    Camp David (澶т负钀?. Looks like a giant castle, used to be the expat hangout in Harbin before Blues. Full of people nonetheless. Guang Zai, (Near Yiman Street). Frequented mostly by young people. Atmosphere is good.


    Most bars in the city are clustered around the universities and tourist districts. The Development Zone has some bars as well but they are more expensive.

    Heida Bar StreetThe campus of Harbin Institute of Technology (搴滃崕灏忓尯) is surrounded with a number of small and cozy bars. HIT itself has a number of foreign teachers and hundreds of foreign students. Some notable bars here are:

    SKY bar, tian qiao road 107. A bar opened by three Australians, with cheap beer, 10 yuan tequila shots, western food cooked by a professional American chief, great art and music they have also put a half pipe in one of the rooms for skateboarding that's right a half pipe. At the middle portion of Guogeli Dajie (鏋滄垐閲屽ぇ琛? near Children s Park (鍎跨鍏洯) there is a small man made lake that is surrounded by 10 or so small pubs and a fountain. During the warmer months this small square is packed with people out for a night stroll and is really lively. This also seems to be a place for the trendy teens and college age kids to hang out. If you continue walking down Guogeli Dajie there are a few more small bars dotting the street. Great for people watching! For about 楼100 you can order a "beer tower" (鍟ら厭濉攑ijiuta), which is a tall plastic tube with a spigot on the bottom. At the other end of the lake there is a restaurant that resembles TGI Friday's, as besides the name being changed to DJ Friday's almost everything else has been copied. What makes this place really stand out from the real TGI Fridays are the scantily clad Russian dancers.

    Near Heilongjiang University (榛戦緳姹熷ぇ瀛? right across from the main gate are several small bars and pubs to accommodate the huge Korean and Russian student population.

    Teahouses and cafes

    There are a number of very nice teahouses in the New Development Zone (寮€鍙戝尯). Most will rent you a room and will charge by the hour, plus whatever tea you decide to drink. Some of the teahouses are located on Hengshan Lu (琛″北璺? such as鍚涘鎰忚尪妤硷紝闆呮嘲鑼舵ゼ.

    Be For Time (閬块濉樿尪妤?, Two locations: 102 Xidazhi Jie, under Pacers near HIT (鍗楀矖鍖鸿タ澶х洿琛?02鍙? and 2 Linxing Lu (鍗楀矖鍖烘灄鍏磋矾2鍙?. Open 24 hours. 楼18 all you can eat/drink. UBC Coffee (涓婂矝鍜栧暋瑗块鍘?, 186 Gongchang Jie (閬撻噷鍖哄伐鍘傝186鍙?. Closest thing Harbin has to Starbucks. USC Bucks, Zhonyang Dajie. Coffee house

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