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Night walker Starks found his dream life in Harbin
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    The night is always full of mysticism. Starks likes the night. He said, 鈥淚 have a passion for the release of the impulse, and the best way is speed.鈥?/p>

    26-year-old Starks comes from America EI. Paso, Texas. He began racing cars in his American high school. In 2007, Starks鈥?father asked him to follow his brother to China for teaching in order to stay away from danger.

    At first, when Starks arrived in Harbin, he couldn鈥檛 become accustomed. Strange Chinese food, cold winter and the dirty air made him feel restless. Starks said, 鈥淚n fact, living conditions have little effect on my personal life. It鈥檚 mainly because I鈥檝e stayed away from cars.鈥?/p>

    One night three years ago, Starks was walking down the street when suddenly he heard the familiar sound of a roaring engine. He looked back, several motorcycles had accelerated. The unexpected encounter surprised Starks. He decided to wait for them every weekend. Hard work payed off, and Starks saw those people three weekends later.

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