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Restaurants in Harbin
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    • Oriental Dumplings King (涓滄柟楗哄瓙鐜?/span>), 38 Zhongyang Avenue, Daoli District (閬撻噷鍖轰腑澶ぇ琛?9鍙?. Unbelievable dumplings at a great price.  
    • Old Sandpot House (鑰佷笂鍙风爞閿呭眳), 98 Zhongyang Avenue, Daoli District (閬撻噷鍖轰腑澶ぇ琛?8鍙?. Delicious small Dongbei snacks like dumplings, grilled breads. 
    • Little Seven Fish (灏忎竷鐑ら奔), 81 Hongwei Road, Daowai District (閬撳鍖哄畯浼熻矾81-4鍙?. Spicy grill Sichuan style.  


    • Hamama's Kofi House, #2 mugong road unit 104(鏈ㄥ伐2鍙?.. A little Cafe near Harbin Institute of Technology run by a Papua New Guinean and his Taiwanese wife. Western food like burgers, milkshakes and an omelet breakfast. Good strawberry and banana smoothies and carrot cake but some of the other items on the menu a bit variable. Coffee is fairly good too.  



    • Xiang E Meishi (婀橀剛缇庨), 140 Guangmang Jie (鍗楀矖鍖哄厜鑺掕140鍙?. Great Hunan and Hubei style restaurant in a nice atmosphere.  
    • Hans Beer BBQ (閲戞眽鏂暏閰掔儰鑲?/span>), 254 Zhongshan Lu, near Wal-mart (鍗楀矖鍖轰腑灞辫矾254鍙? 杩戞矁灏旂帥). Great draft beer that is all you can drink during lunchtime. The food is Chinese BBQ with assorted and spiced meat kabobs. A chain restaurant that is available in any large city in China.  
    • Big Harvest (澶т赴鏀?/span>), 283 Yiman Street 鍗楀矖鍖轰竴鏇艰283鍙?/span>. Traditional Donbgei cuisine in a unique enviroment. The only tea in the house is made from wheat.  
    • Fucheng Hotpot (绂忔垚鑲ョ墰), 47 Wenchang Jie (鍗楀矖鍖烘枃鏄岃47鍙?. Great Hotpot restaurant always bustling with Dongbei atmosphere.  
    • Old Changs Spring Cakes (鑰佹槍鏄ラゼ), 178 Zhongyang Dajie (閬撻噷鍖轰腑澶ぇ琛?78鍙?. Pancake like food stuffed with vegetables and meat, a staple of the northeast and tasty as hell!  
    • Homestyle Hotpot, 92 Dongfeng Jie (涓滈琛?2鍙?. Great hotpot, especially their beef and potato. Heat source is piped in from the ceiling straight to the pot, none of the wimpy table-cooker stuff. They have a great spicy broth, and there is tableside sauce mixing available.  
    • Wuji Rib House (鍚磋閰遍鐐栬彍棣?/span>), 208 XiDazhi Jie (宀楀尯瑗垮ぇ鐩磋208鍙? and 57 Gongcheng Jie (鍗楀矖鍖哄伐寤鸿57鍙?. Dongbei style ribs that are simply amazing! You eat them with your hands and are given plastic gloves to keep things clean. The other dishes are great too and its always packed and full of energy.  
    • Daquan BBQ (澶у叏鐑х儰), 86 Beixing Jiaoyu yuan (鍖楀叴鏁欒偛鍥?6鍙?. The locals call this the best BBQ joint in town. Always packed, really good. 
    • Xiaozi Zai Xianxin HK Cafe (灏忚祫鍐嶇幇鏂版淳娓紡椁愬巺), 350 Dongdazhi Jie (涓滃ぇ鐩磋350鍙?. Harbin's trendiest restaurant in terms of design and the people who go there. Fairly good HK style food.  


    • Qianlima Baihe Liaoli (鍗冮噷椹櫨鍚堟枡鐞?/span>), 777 Xianfeng Lu (鍗楀矖鍖哄厛閿嬭矾777鍙?. Affordable Korean food in an upscale environment, packed with Chinese families and businessmen out on the town for a dinner.  
    • Gaoliyuan (楂樹附鍥?/span>). A chain found all over Harbin that is consistently good.  


    • Marhaba Arabian (椹皵鍝堝反), Hanguang Street 1-19 (Near Harbin Institute of Technology). This is a great mom and pop sized restaurant which has some low and medium priced dishes. If you don't know Arabian food, the dishes are similar to many Indian and Lebanese dishes. They also have hookahs/shisha with flavored tobacco if desired Address:榛戦緳姹熺渷鍝堝皵婊ㄥ競鍗楀矖鍖烘眽骞胯1-19鍙枫€?Tel Number: 0451-86304277 Mobile锛?8604512026-13796025797.  
    • Cafe Russia (闇茶タ浜氳タ椁愬巺), (Near the Flood Control Monument of Zhongyang Dajie). The owner is half Chinese, half Russian, and has created a fantastic atmosphere that feels like a high-class cafe in London or Paris. Elegant furniture, tasteful music, a working grandfather clock (with chimes) and a display to commemorate one of the last White Russians who lived in Harbin make this a place well worth visiting. Service is good too. The name in Chinese is 'Luxiya' i.e. Lucia -> 'Rossiya' (Russia).
    • Pizza Hut (蹇呰儨瀹?/span>), Zhongyang Dajie (Near the Flood Monument). Real pizza. Another Pizza Hut is on Guogeli Dajie. 
    • Katusha, (Right beside the Flood Monument of Zhongyang Dajie). A genuine Russian restaurant. Its owners are from Yakutsk and most patrons are Russian. It can be a problem if you can't read Russian or Chinese but if you can, you can get some of the best Russian food available in China, not to mention genuine bread and butter imported from Russia.  



    • Shanggrila Hotel Buffet. Upscale hotel dining with a huge assortment of western foods. Managed by a western head chef. . The quality of this buffet is reasonable. Look out for the live silk worms in the chef station. Around 楼150-200 per person.  
    • Holiday Inn Buffett, 90 Jingwei Jie (閬撻噷鍖虹粡绾90鍙?. Same as above. Around 楼100 per person.  
    • Portman's (娉㈢壒鏇艰タ椁愬巺), 12 Xidazhijie right off of Hongbo Square (鍗楀矖鍖鸿タ澶х洿琛?2鍙?. Mentioned in almost all of the guidebooks but its really nothing more than a Chinese version of western food. You are better off going to Hamama's or a Russian cafe. However they do have steak, fillet mignon, and goose liver pate, if you want to spend the money.  


    • Japanese Teppenyaki (浜ˉ閾佹澘鐑?/span> jingqiao tiebanshao), 93 Hanshui Lu (鍗楀矖鍖烘眽姘磋矾393鍙?. Japanese BBQ where you are seated in private rooms and real Japanese cook your food right in front of you! Meals start at 楼200
    • Upscale Sushi and Tempura (閾冨叞鏃ユ湰鏂欑悊), 458 Hanshui Lu (寮€鍙戝尯姹夋按璺?58鍙?. Another but less expensive Japanese restaurant. Full menu of sushi, tempura, Japanese curry etc. can be had here. Seating is in cozy bamboo paper rooms with heated seats! Atmosphere is very good. You can order affordable packages at around 楼100 per person that includes all-you-can-drink Kirin beer.  


    • Thai Restaurant (澶╅槼閲戣薄缂樼編椋熼鍘?/span>), 183 Changjiang Lu across from the Dragon tower (闀挎睙璺?83鍙?. Thai dishes cooked by Indian chefs. You can buy alligator meat here and listen to a singing Thai dance troupe.  


    • New Heaven Food City (鏂板ぉ鍦扮櫨浜嬫垚楗), 311 Hongqi Dajie (绾㈡棗澶ц311鍙?. Extravagant. Maybe a place to close out a business deal. 楼400 per person.
    • Tiantian Fish Village (澶╁ぉ楸兼潙), 2 Gongcheng Jie (閬撻噷鍖哄伐绋嬭2鍙?. Upscale Chinese seafood dining. You can mingle with Harbin's moneyed and enjoy exotic fish. When you walk in you can pick which fish you want from the giant tanks.


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