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Brazil's top architect, 102, not end, only new start
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  • http://english.dbw.cn銆€銆€ 2009-12-16 16:42:23

    銆€銆€Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil's most famous architect, celebrated his 102nd birthday Tuesday.

    銆€銆€Instead of commemorating his supercentennial age, this prominent architect had rather to spend time in working on piles of projects, according to media reports Wednesday.

    銆€銆€"Turning 102 is crap, and there is nothing to commemorate," he told media.

    銆€銆€Niemeyer was born in Rio de Janeiro, 1907. And he won his fame for designing some of Brazilian most distinctive buildings, including Rio's Sambodrome and the nearby Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, and many of the futuristic edifices of the capital Brazilia.

    銆€銆€His exclusive architectural characters contain the domes, curves and sweeping lines, which he said is "the body of the Brazilian woman."

    銆€銆€He was once exiled in Paris during a Brazilian 1964-1985 military regime. He is also a witness of Brazil's progression from a chaotic new republic to an increasingly prosperous democratic country.

    銆€銆€Niemeyer is now managing several projects, such as renovation of the central avenue of the Sambodrome, where the most famous of Brazil's glitz-and-flesh Carnival parades are held.

    銆€銆€Even in old age, Niemeyer won't feel lonely in his love of life. Four years ago, at age 98 and a widower, he married his 60-year-old secretary.

    銆€銆€But nobody lives forever. In September Niemeyer was hospitalized for three weeks to have surgery on his gall bladder and to have a tumor removed from his colon.

    銆€銆€"I don't fear death," he said.

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