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Paper cutting
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    鐧捐姳榻愭斁 鎺ㄩ檲鍑烘柊锛堝眬閮級

    Paper cutting is one of the most common traditional folk arts. With such a long history, paper cutting not only represents aesthetic interests of people but also contains deep national psychology of Chinese society. It is also one of the most characteristic folk arts, full, aesthetic and lucky. Folk paper cutting has its own expression of language, expressing both meaning and nature. Paper cutting art heritage is listed as the first national non-physical cultural heritage directory by the State Council on May 20th, 2006.


    Folk paper cutting handcraft art is used extensively, for example flower decorations on lanterns and ornamentations on the covers of fans. Paper cutting is also usually used for furniture decoration, for example on gate stacks, windows, cabinets, roofs and for wedding ceremonies.

    Hailun County, Heilongjiang, is well known for paper cutting. Traditional Hailun paper cutting usually depicts flowers, grass, worms, fish, birds and beasts. The modeling is simple and clean; while the blade is powerful and tough, with freehand and lifelike features.

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