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Night Markets
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    Typical Taiwanese snacks are found everywhere, but Taiwan's night markets in particular, each night market having its own traditions and characteristics, are the places where these snacks can be found in abundance.

    Night Market Characteristics Location
    Keelung Night Market The cuisine in Keelung Temple street night market is very famous, for example: pot-edged pancake soup, shaved ice, Tenpura, fried sandwiches, bean noodle thick soup,and shrimp Taiwanese balls. The cuisine stands on Ren 3rd Rd. near the Dianji Temple in Keelung City and on Ai 4th Rd.
    Shihlin Night Market There are various cuisine in the night market, including steak, hot stuffed dumplings, little cake wrapped in big cake, sliced noodles, lever soup, squid thick soup, oyster omelets, etc. Along Wenlin Rd., Da E. Rd., and Anping Rd.
    Raohe Street Night Market This is the first tourist night market in Taiwan, and the total length is about 600 meters. There are many herb-steamed sparerib restaurants here, which provides a good opportunity for nourishment in winter. Intersection of Sec. 4, Bade Rd. and Fuyuan St. in Taipei City to Ciyou Temple on Bade Rd.
    Huaxi Night Market This is the most famous tour night market in Taiwan, which attracts many foreigners and natives for sightseeing. The famous cuisine includes snake meal and snake wine, pot-edged pancake soup, salty rice pudding, fresh water turtle meal, seafood, etc. Between Xiyuan Rd. and Huanhe S. Rd. in Taipei City.
    Jingmei Night Market Many vendors and shops selling hardware, cassettes, clothes, and accessories are gathered in the 30-years-old Jing-mei old street. Moreover, there is a "Jing-mei Public Market" of various food and beverage stands and shops on Jing-mei new street. Jingmei St., Taipei
    Tonghua Street Night Market You can go eating and shopping at the same time. There are plenty of groceries sold on Linchiang Street, the way to get there is to go on Keelung Road and turn to Linchiang Street, then pass Tong-hua , which is the part with stores of clothes and quilts. Between Sec. 4, Shinyi Rd. and Sec. 2, Jilung Rd. in Taipei City.
    Lianning Night Market The famous cuisine includes goose, seafood, rice tube pudding, sandwich from Middle East, oyster omelets, marinated vegetables and meat. Besides, the alleys near Liou-Ning Street stand many featured coffee shops and restaurants. That's why this area is named "coffee street" Between Changan E. Rd. and Jungshing senior high school in Taipei city.
    Hsinnan Night Market A night market with wide road and neat stores, there are various shaved ice stores here, which forms the main feature of the market. Moreover, there are many grocery stores selling various kinds of low-priced goods in this market. Consist of Shinyi St. and Lane 410, Jingshin St. inJunghe city, Taipei
    Hsinchuan Night Market The cuisine here like mushroom and meat thick soup, red bean cake, Taiwanese meatballs, cake, oyster thin noodles, shrimp thick soup are talked by everyone's lips. The trace of hundred years of history is hidden among the streets and alleys, for example, ancient remains, and shops of hundred years like blacksmith workshop to-fu factories, old brand cake store??etc. Situated on the back of the Hsin-Chuan junior high school, on Hsin-Chuan Rd, Hsin-Chuan city,Taipei
    Nanya Night Market There's a 30-years-old ceremonial arch in the entrance of the market, the position of the stores are settled neatly here. Among them, most are food stores, only few are clothes and grocery stores. In Nanya E. Rd., Banchiau City,Taipei
    Hsinming Night Market Almost all of the stores are of history. Visitors can try various snacks and buy noted products of Taiwan here. All kinds of hardware, groceries, Hong Kong and Korean clothes, shoes, hats, stockings are available here. On Shinming Rd. between Jungyang W. Rd. and Mintzu Rd. in Jungli City, Taoyuan
    Chenghuang Temple Night Market Most of the old stands in Cheng-huang Temple are of 50-years-old history, the famous snacks here are Hsin-chu meat balls, pork balls, spring rolls, braised pork rice, cuttlefish thick soup, rice noodles, and cow tongue shaped cakes. Cheng-huang Temple and fa-lian shrine square
    Chunghua Night Market It gathers all kinds of Taiwan cuisines, including Taiwanese snacks, Taichung meatballs, spring rolls, angelica ducks, oyster omelet, meat thick soup, rice pudding, Singapore sparerib soup. On Junghua Rd.,near Gungyuan Rd. and Mintzu Rd.,Taichung
    Tunghai VillaHight Market The stores are fixed here, most of them offer food and beverage, others offer clothes and daily necessities here. There's an "Art Street" On the Kuo-chi Street a parted from Tung-hai Villa by Chung-kang Road, the shops on the street are very unique, which are antique shops, tea shops, and coffee shops. The hottest section is the intersection of Dungyuan Lane and Shinshing Rd. in Thichung City.
    Fengchia Night Market "Low pries, all included" is the main feature, and it sells several of cuisines, clothes and accessories. On Fushing Rd., Fengjia Rd.and Wenhua Rd.,between Sec. 2, Shituen Rd. and Shian St.,Taichung
    The food of Lugang The cuisines of Lugang includes seafood like sturgeon, eel, oyster, bivalve, river shrimp, and Chinese oyster, and desert like bird-eye cake, lard cake, cow tongue shaped cakes, shortcake, peanut candy, Chinese bread, etc. Among these shops, Yu-chen chai had operated from Ching dynasty for one hundred years. Lugang Jen, Changhua
    Wenhua Night Market Thousand of venders gather here, and there are various cooked cuisine. Among these cuisines," fountain chicken rice", "Kuo-jing-chen flat noodles soup" and "fried preserved cabbage and shrimp egg" are the famous dishes. At fountain traffic circle on Jungshan Rd. extend to Chuei-yang Rd., Chiai
    Hsjaopei Night Market This night market is nice and neat, and every stand has it's own number. There are many kinds of cuisine, including sea food, coffin cakes, pot-edged pancake soup, Eel noodles, spear fish simmered by soy bean sauce and sugar, thick soup of meat, sticky tofu. At the intersection of Shimen Rd. and Lin-an Rd.,Tainan
    Liuhr Night Market Dainties of all lands and seas, food and beverage, special products are all available here, and the plentiness of flavorful food of Liu-hr Night Market is famous in Taiwan. Among these cuisine, papaya milk, salt-steamed shrimp are the main feature. Liu-hr Rd.,Kaohsiung
    Hsinshing Night Market There are many cuisines in the night market. Besides, clothes shops, shoes shops get very closely here, many shops and stands have twenty-years-old history, like liao-li sparerib soup,fried mutton, mushroom and meat thick soup of pei-gang, etc. Nanhua Rd.,Kaohsiung
    Mintsu Rd. Night Market This night market has history for seventy years, and it is the paradise for gluttons. The cuicide includes spearfish thick soup, mushroom and meat thick soup, meatballs of Pingtung, vegetarian gelatin, stick rice dumping, refreshed taro, etc. On Mintzu Rd.,under Fushing Rd. bridge, in Pingtung City
    Luotung Night Market The native cuisines including salty rice macaroni, smoked ducks, meat thick soups ,lung-feng legs, tofurolls ,thick rice noodles, seafood, sausage stuffed pork and sweet potato powder, sausage stuffed tofu, oyster omelet, etc At the center of Luodung Jen and around Jungshan Park in Yilan County
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