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Wang Feng
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    Crowned the "godfather of the new generation of Chinese rock music," Wang Feng has conquered the country with his signature mainstream rock tunes. His songs are widely circulated and are chanted by everyone from rock fanatics to those who simply want to sing their dreams aloud.

    Wang Feng [Photo:]

    Wang Feng started his rock journey with the band "No. 43 in Baojiajie Street." As the lead singer of the band, Wang Feng made an impression on China's rock scene with his creative rock compilations

    "After many years of playing violin and viola at the Central Conservatory of Music, I finally gave up my study of classical music and converted to rock, because rock music was the only way for me to express who I am and what I believe in. You know, rock doesn't allow room for fabrication."

    In his early years, Wang Feng wrote songs like "Good Night, Beijing" and "Birdies," which stirred the craze in China's rock scene in the late 1990s. The names of Wang Feng and his bandmates have become well-known among Chinese rock fans. "Good Night, Beijing," which touched many people struggling to make their own way in the city.

    In 2000, Wang Feng reluctantly left his band and signed with Warner, a major record label. From that point on, he has worked to expand his methods, after forming his signature style.

    "It was time of learning and growing for me. I think I matured more than when I was singing with the band. During the years with Warner, I released three albums, "Hua Huo," "Love Is A Happy Bullet" and "Crying with Smile." I especially liked "Hua Huo." It marks a beautiful full-stop to the chapter of my life as a young boy."

     The album "Hua Huo," which means "Flower in Flame." The lyrics go like this: This is a performance without end/ which is full of fictions and madness. Like an upset kid/ I lay on the street quietly. Now I've gotten bored/ like a withering flower/ by the blow of wind/ so I was going to change/ like a flower in flame. The lyrics expose the singer's simultaneously "complex and simple" inner world.

    "Flying Higher" is another successful hit off Wang Feng's album "Crying with Smile," released in 2004. Literally translated as "Flying Higher," this song topped the charts for 8 weeks in 2004. The song could be heard on almost every corner of Beijing, as people raised their voices to sing - "I must fly higher."

    The beginning of 2005 brought a brand new start for Wang Feng. With support of the Original Music Fund, his set up his own record label, Acoustic Music, and released his sixth album, "Blooming Life." The song you are listening to is the title song off of "Blooming Life."

    "I guess it was 'Blooming Life' that helped me reach more music lovers. However, I'm even more satisfied with the following one, "Brave Heart." After years of trying self-examinations, I finally know what I'm good at and what I should avoid in music production. This knowledge arose from the production of my seventh album, "Brave Heart." It was the production in which I enjoyed the most freedom to express my music personality. You can find the true me in this album."

    Wang Feng's mainstream rock music is widely circulated among all types of people, especially among those who feel a special bond with the city of Beijing -- just like Wang Feng himself.

    "I was brought up in Beijing, so it is no wonder that I have a special feeling toward this city. I'm even more fussy when I write songs related to Beijing, like the songs 'Good Night, Beijing' and 'Beijing, Beijing.' Rather than talking about the city's famous sites or scenic spots, I wrote my songs for the people living here, who have special feelings for this city, just like me. " (Northeast web)

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