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Xu Qing Attends Chanel Fashion Show
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    Chinese actress Xu Qing poses for a photo with Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld after the Chanel fall/winter 2010 show in Grand Palais, France, on Tuesday, March 9. [Photo:]

    Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld released the Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 Collection in Grand Palais, France, on Tuesday, March 9. The fashion guru transformed the runway into a manmade winter wonderland with melting icebergs imported from Sweden this year, giving out a clear warning sign of global warming to the world.

    Chinese actress Xu Qing graced the Arctic themed show and was the only Asian artist this year to be invited by Chanel.

    The actress embodied the notion of what Chanel advocates as low-key luxury, by wearing the brand's latest style outfits and donning a simple but graceful hairdo.

    With her always sweet, genuine smiles and elegant composure, Xu Qing distinguishes herself from other stars and has enjoyed widespread popularity among the Chinese audience.
    As a well established actress, the 40-something actress successfully portrayed Madame Soong Ching Ling, the honorary chairman of People's Republic of China, in the 2009 blockbuster tribute film 'The Founding of a Republic.'

    Despite her high-profile roles, the actress keeps a low-key profile in real life. However, when Xu signed with Huayi Bros, China's largest entertainment company last December, she began stepping into the spotlight.

    Previous media reports caught the actress visiting Chanel Headquarters at 31 Rue Cambon, Paris, followed by a massive entourage to select dresses from over a hundred pieces of Chanel's new collection for upcoming formal affairs during fashion week.

    The actress reportedly spent about two million yuan within five hours for a dozen of clothing items. It was later denied by Xu's agent who said Xu Qing didn't spend more than 300,000 yuan of her own money. The media speculation mainly resulted from a handmade outfit worth about 1.2 million yuan, which was actually given to her by Chanel for the fashion show.

    It is also reported that with the support of Huayi Bros, Chanel will spend six months designing the 'Ultimate New Clothes' for Xu Qing, who would then become the first Chinese star to receive this honor.

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