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Jackson's Doctor Prepared to Surrender If Charges Filed: Lawyer
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    Michael Jackson's personal physician is prepared to surrender if authorities file charges against him over the death of the pop star, a newspaper report said on Wednesday.

    Dr. Conrad Murray has arrived in Los Angeles and his arrival set off a new round of speculation that authorities were about to file charges against him, the Los Angeles Times said.

    Authorities have been mulling a manslaughter case against the doctor since last summer.

    "I don't have any specific information that leads me to believe he is going to be charged this week," Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff said in remarks published by the paper. "but if he is, we've made it clear he's available to turn himself in."

    But a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney' s office declined to say whether prosecutors planned to file a case against Murray, the paper said.

    Chernoff told the newspaper that Murray was visiting Los Angeles on personal matters and that he planned to discuss strategy with his attorneys, two of whom are based in Southern California.

    Murray acknowledged administering the anesthetic propofol to Jackson shortly before his death June 25, according to police affidavits, but he has denied doing anything wrong.

    The Los Angeles County's coroner's office has blamed Jackson's death on "acute propofol intoxication."


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