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Michael Jackson Memorabilia Exhibition in Macau
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    Exhibition items

    Michael Jackson's shimmering white glove officially went on display to the public at Ponte 16, a hotel resort in Macau.

    The late singer's infamous glove, which he wore during his debut of the moonwalk dance in 1983, joins other items on display, such as the "Zombie" suit for the 'Thriller' music video and a pair of crystal socks he wore during his "Victory" tour in 1984.

    Asian pop diva Coco Lee attended the official launch ceremony.

    "I still love Michael Jackson very much. The organizers know that I was Jackson's friend through our friends, so they invited me. I just went to see the exhibition which included his picture and precious items. I was so moved and felt like I wanted to cry."

    Hoffman Ma is Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Ponte 16. He paid $420,000 for the music icon's items last year at Julien's Auctions in Los Angeles. He said he will keep collecting Jackson memorabilia and that more items will be added to the exhibition later this year.


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