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Watching cranes on the snowy ground in Qiqihar
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    The smoke curled upwards. The moon and light is bright. Cool breeze blowing. It is like poetry. Let鈥檚 carry our backpacks and relax while taking some photos. It鈥檚 a great mood and a great lifestyle.

    Zhalong is located 27 kilometers south of Qiqihar in Heilongjiang. It covers an area of 210,000 hectares. The swamp wetland is preserved very well here. Every warm March, a variety of cranes will fly here from the far south. They will nest and settle down in their breeding habitat, look for food and play in the wetlands. Watching cranes in Zhalong in winter is charming and 鈥渇lying cranes鈥?are exciting. When the red-crowned cranes are flying over tourist's heads, tourists can not help but feel free.

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