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Ethnic Dance Promots Old Age Ties Across the Straits
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    A folk dance showcasing characteristics of the Kejia or, Hakka ethnic group and their age-old Hakka traditions was staged in Fuzhou, capital of China's southwestern province Fujian. (13)

    With a name of the Verve of Tulou, the performance has four chapters that chronicle the history of the Kejia people.

    Tulou literally means earth buildings of Kejia. Yongding County in Fujian Province is well-known for being the hometown of Tulou. The Yongding Tulou attracted over 2 million visitors from home and abroad in 2009. And the Fujian Tulou was listed as one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2008.

    The epic dance, Verve of Tulou, will be performed in Taiwan this year to promote Kejia cultural exchanges between Yongding and the island. Taiwan has a unique Kejia culture developed by the group of Kejia people that moved from the mainland two centuries ago.

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