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Gang boss sentenced to death in northeast China
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    A convicted mob boss has been sentenced to death after the first-instance trial on organized crime charges in northeast China.

    Wang Jun was convicted on 10 charges, including organizing and leading a criminal gang and murder, at Liaoyuan Municipal Intermediate People's Court, in Jilin Province, said a statement from the court.

    He was also deprived of his political rights for life

    Wang Xiaodong, a core member of his gang, was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprived of his political rights for life, said the statement.

    Nine other people received jail terms of two to 20 years, the statement said.

    The court found that Wang Jun began loan sharking in 1998 and led the gang to illegally enforce repayment of debts. The gang was responsible for murder, intentional injury, giving bribes and monopolizing the used car market in Dongfeng County.

    Wang Jun said he planned to appeal.

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