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Chinese Wedding Favors
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    Chinese Wedding Favors Weddings are always a special occasion. The idea of two people becoming one and starting a new life together is quite romantic even for those a bit hardened of heart. Just about everyone loves and appreciates a beautiful wedding. While the guests only see the 30 minute ceremony, what they often do not see is what went into making it possible.

    Thank Your Guests With a Wedding Favor

    The bride and groom have had a lot of decisions to make as it concerns their wedding. They will need to choose colors, bridesmaids and groomsmen. They will also need to find a location, pick a dress (for the bride and her bridesmaids) and tuxedos (for the groom and his guys). The two must find a way to coordinate everything they may need and have always wanted for this one special day. Many couples choose to give away wedding favors at the reception. This gives them an opportunity to thank their guests for attending the ceremony and being involved in one of the most celebratory days of the now legal, couple's life.

    A Chinese Themed Event

    Depending on the theme that a couple chooses, the wedding favors can almost be anything. If a couple is having a Chinese themed wedding, they may want to give away Chinese wedding favors. Of course, the favors don't necessarily have to match the theme of the wedding but many times they do. For those couples who were interested in Chinese wedding favors because they were born in China or have relatives there or simply because they appreciate the culture, there are lots of really neat choices.

    Key chains in the shape of fortune cookies or take out boxes filled with candy would both make nice gifts. Asian themed bookmarks or cherry blossom chopsticks are a few other available Chinese wedding favor choices that would likely go over very well with guests. Coasters with Chinese lettering and symbols would also be quite gorgeous. Place card frames made from bamboo could also be nice. Happiness candles are quite popular and are used quite often. As you can see, Chinese wedding favors run the gamut. A couple is only restricted based on their imagination and their knowledge of where to find out some of these great favors.

    The Price and Cost

    Typically these types of favors, although quite beautiful and of high-quality, are pretty inexpensive. For example, persons may be able to purchase bookmarks at a high price. Chopsticks that have cherry blossoms painted on them can be found in some places for a lower price. Couples can find fortune cookie key chains online easily. Chinese take out boxes can be an inexpensive option. The couple would then simply need to figure out the cost of filling them with candy or whatever treats they would like to put inside. Happiness candles are also quite affordable. Coasters with Asian symbols are lettering can be found for less than $1 a piece.

    Searching for Chinese Wedding Favors on the Web

    The Internet is a fantastic place to find Chinese wedding favors. You will be able to view a large variety of styles and options. Some will be priced pretty expensively while others will be much more affordable. Obviously, your budget will determine how much you can spend on this part of the wedding occasion. However, it really doesn't matter how much money you have available. If you are willing to be creative and perhaps a do some of the assembly work yourself, you may be able to come up with fantastic and memorable favors at a minimal cost.

    Red Color always Means Good Fortune

    People choose to have a Chinese themed wedding for a number of reasons. Chinese Americans may want to stay connected and celebrate their roots, while other people may simply appreciate the great beauty and storied history of the culture and subsequently want to incorporate it into their wedding. One thing to consider is giving away Chinese wedding favors that are red in color.

    In China, red means joy and happiness and it's used quite a bit in weddings. The Chinese symbol Shuangxe means double happiness and would be great to place on candles, coasters or bookmarks and would make fantastic wedding favors. You may also want to consider using Dragon's or a picture of a Phoenix which both have a meaning of harmony between the sexes which would be very appropriate for this occasion.
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