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An American's Traditional Chinese Wedding
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    American groom "Jian Sen" and his bride Bu Yang both look happy during their traditional Chinese wedding ceremony in Jinan Wednesday morning, October 7, 2009. [Photo:]

    China's national day celebrations have proved a popular time for couples to marry.

    After living in China for nine years one American man recently tied the knot with his long-term Chinese girlfriend during a traditional Chinese wedding in Jinan, east China's Shandong Province, local newspaper Qilu Evening News reported Thursday.

    The ceremony took place Wednesday morning during China's National Day holiday, with both bride and groom sporting traditional Chinese wedding costumes. The bride sat in a sedan chair, carried by two rows of helpers.

    Bride Bu Yang, is a native of Jinan. She and her American husband both work in the media in Beijing and share a fascination with China's traditional culture.

    The American groom, whose Chinese name is "Jian Sen," said he was excited about the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, adding that it was more enjoyable than when he made a vow in a local church before the Chinese ceremony took place.

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