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Zhang Ziyi Wins Public Image Award
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    Zhang Ziyi admits she lacked experience in handling charity donations. [File Photo: Niall Phelan/China Daily]

    Photos from the Huading Awards

    Despite an earlier donation controversy that almost damaged Zhang Ziyi's reputation, the actress was listed among the Top 10 Chinese Celebrities with the Best Public Images announced by the Huading Awards on Saturday.

    Zhang didn't show up at the star-studded awards ceremony held in Beijing. quoted unnamed jury members as saying that the actress deserved the honor because of her continuing charity efforts in spite of the controversy.

    Zhang said she donated one million yuan (US$146,402) to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation after a major earthquake hit southwestern China's Sichuan Province on May 12, 2008. However, news leaked this January that the Chinese Red Cross only received 840,000 yuan from the actress' side. Zhang then denied accusations that she intentionally committed fraud, claiming she wasn't aware of the shortfall. She fulfilled the remaining amount thereafter.

    As another earthquake occurred in Yushu in northwestern China this April, Zhang appeared at a televised fundraiser, donating 200,000 yuan (US$29,280) and reading aloud prayers. She also visited a teenage survivor several times.

    Other celebrities listed in the Huading Awards' Top 10 are Feng Xiaogang (director), Liu Yan (dancer), Li Shaohong (director), Chen Weiya (choreographer), Yan Weiwen (singer), Chen Baoguo (actor), Hu Mei (director), Tang Guoqiang (actor) and Eric Tsang (actor).

    The annual Huading Awards recognize Chinese celebrities' public images and social influences based on a jury panel's decisions and results of nationwide polls. Honored celebrities are from the film, television, opera, pop music and broadcasting fields.

    Other honorees this year include Cui Yongyuan (TV personality), Eason Chan (singer), Joey Yung (singer), Lu Chuan (director), Xiao Shen Yang (comedian/actor), Xu Jinglei (director/actress), Zhao Benshan (comedian/actor), and Zhou Xun (actress).
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