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Profile of the painter, Ms. Cao Xiangbin
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    Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province and a graduate from Traditional Chinese Painting Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Ms. Cao Xiangbin now is the national first-class painter (Professor) and head of the Research Office of Heilongjiang Provincial Painting Institution. She has been laurelled a series of honors such as an Expert for State Council Special Allowance, standing member of 9th Session of Heilongjiang Political Consultation Committee, vice chairman of Heilongjiang Artists Association, the academician of Chinese Artists Association as well as the subeditor of Literature Review.

    Magnum opus:

    Her traditional Chinese paintings have been chosen into the collections of 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th sessions of National Fine Arts Exhibitions and won an honor of excellent work of 8th Session National Fine Arts Exhibition. Her works have been awarded with the silver medal and copper medal of Chinese Painting Exhibition for the 60th Anniversary of 18th, September Event and the Painting Exhibition for 50th Victory Anniversary of Anti-Japanese War & Anti-fascist War respectively. Meanwhile, her works was granted awards of excellent work at the 2nd National Painting Exhibition and National Fine Arts Exhibition for Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Publication of Mao Zedong鈥檚 Speech at the Forum on Literature and Art in Yan鈥檃n. Another copper medal is invested with her work at the National Fan Art Exhibition. The First Prizes have been conferred to her works at different exhibitions such as Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition of Chinese Northeast Provinces, the 1st Session of Best Literature Works Exhibition of Heilongjiang Province, 8th Session Fine Arts Exhibition of Heilongjiang Province and the Fine Arts Exhibition for Responding to the Governmental Call of 鈥淓nrich the people and the province through the second entrepreneur venture鈥? Second Prizes have been invested with her works at the 3rd Session of Heilongjiang Province Literature and Art Exhibition. There are other honors such Gold Medal, Accomplishment Award, Special Award as invested with her works at the 鈥淣orthland Cup鈥?Art Exhibition & Art Exhibition of Heilongjiang Province and Exhibition for Retrospection of Heilongjiang Province鈥檚 Fine Arts (1949-2000). She was laurelled the honor of one of the Top 100 Distinguished Painters in China. She also published two volumes of monographs, Painting Collections of Cao Xiangbin and Fine Arts and the Children鈥檚 Intellectual Development.
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